Warning Label

Contents are contraindicated for those who don’t: dream, tilt at windmills, or believe in unicorns.  Common side-effects are eye rolling, exasperated sighs, and frequent arguments about the trivial, semantic, or unnecessary.  Also may cause extreme frustration, or profound dislike in severe cases.  Most test users found the side effects to be mild and decreased in frequency with repeated use.

This medication is not for everybody but those who respond to it generally have good to great results.

Taken from this post.


2 Responses to Warning Label

  1. This is one of the best, most varied, and interesting blogs I have read in a long, long time. Great stuff. Write a book?


    That is a very flattering comment coming from you, as I have long been a fan of your writing.
    I’d love to write a book as soon as can think of the outlines of a plot.

  2. […] Refugee, my Don Quixote, that moment I fell in love with my first pinot noir, I also fell in love with you. […]

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