The RR-20

I am happy to spend my cash at any of these places.  They aren’t necessarily what I consider the best restaurants in DC and the surrounding area (though at least ten would make that list;) but they are the ones that I implicitly trust with my evenings or afternoons.  I trust them to always be exactly what I expect them to be which is a terrific hamburger, sublime fine dining, very good sushi or anything in between.

There is certainly a bias towards places in the city (leaving the city requires more trust than going around the corner) and places that can accommodate my preferences for dining at the bar.

I am still working on a more expansive version of this list with brief reviews/summaries of what to expect at each, but I’ve wanted to incorporate this list as a component of the blog for a long time.  It will be a moveable feast with frequent additions, subtractions, and may grow by another 10 names, but this is the initial RR20:

  1. Komi $$$
  2. Palena $$$
  3. Restaurant Eve $$$
  4. Cashion’s Eat Place $$ ½
  5. The Oval Room $$$
  6. Coppi’s Organic Pizza $$
  7. Ray’s Hellburger $
  8. Corduroy $$ ½
  9. Kotobuki $$
  10. Sushi Taro $$$
  11. Granville Moore’s $$
  12. Regent Thai $$
  13. Thai X-ing $$
  14. Ooohs and Aaahs $
  15. Negril & Quarry House $
  16. Cork $$
  17. Vegitate $$
  18. Grand Cru $$
  19. Cityzen (Lounge Only) $$
  20. New Heights $$ ½

Any places without a link do not have their own web presence and will be the first on the list to get the more expansive treatment.


4 Responses to The RR-20

  1. citygirlblogs says:

    I already have a few new places to check out! Can’t wait for the brief reviews post! Thanks Refugee :)!

    With pleasure, my dear, with pleasure.

  2. Great new feature! I’ll definitely be using this list in the near future.

    Thank you, and I hope to expand it soon.

  3. Zayna says:

    Hey RR,

    I thought you may be interested in this site. We put it up as a reaction to Yelp and its erm, inadequacies. This might be something interesting to cover. It’s a random restaurant generator that solves indecision. There are a bunch of easter eggs and it links from our rant at More info below. Thanks for your time!

    Best, Debbie

    Debbie’s Choice is an idea borne of frustration. We got tired of agonizing over, sifting through countless results and refining searches and reading strangers’ reviews and generally becoming aggravated and annoyed. Choosing a restaurant sucked on these massive “review” sites. It was painful. It made the simple, stupid act of going to get some food at a restaurant more complicated than it needed to be. It was no fun. So we decided to randomize the whole anxiety-inducing process. Seemed about as helpful as anything else online

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