The RR-20 Expanded

  1. Komi $$$ – Modern with a strong Mediterranean influences, $150pp. it is hard to quantify the best of anything as diverse as a collection of restaurants.  However, for my cash, Komi is the single best dining experience in DC at the moment.  I have been to many of the country’s best restaurants (according to any national list) and with few exceptions I found them all to be incredible and rewarding experiences, but not necessarily experiences I would be eager to shell out cash to repeat.  Komi is worth the money the first time, and every time thereafter.  The cooking will take you on a gastronomic adventure over multiple courses in an elegant twelve table room.
  2. Palena $$$ – Modern American with Italian influences.  $45pp for the café, $120pp for the main room.  This is one of the best restaurants in the country and with a “Chef’s Chef” at the helm, Palena had only fault – inconsistent service.  That fault no longer exists with Kelly’s steady hand running the front of the house rudder.  An extremely elegant yet understated and soft room provides the backdrop for the best gourmet burger in DC, a roast chicken that has been the subject of a years long attempt to recreate, and one of the city’s better and more interesting wine lists.  The more formal dinning room in the rear competes with anybody’s inventive, soulful, and well executed menu.
  3. Restaurant Eve $$$ – Modern American.  $20pp for their “Lickety Split Lunch, $100pp dining room, $160pp 5 course degustation, $220pp 9 course degustation.  one of the few reasons I will cross the moat into Virginia, Restaurant Eve is, in some ways,  the metaphorical cross between Komi and Palena.  A blow-out dinner for the ages can be had via their degustation menu (especially if sitting at the chef’s table) one night, and a thoughtfully sourced, more casual experience can be had in their bar the next. Cathal & Mishelle Armstrong, under the direction of sommelier and manager extraordinaire, Todd Thrasher, also have some of the best service in the city that strikes a lovely balance of grace, thoughtfulness and assistance without being obtrusive.   There is no better place in the area to have dinner at the bar.
  4. Cashion’s Eat Place $$ ½
  5. The Oval Room $$$
  6. Coppi’s Organic Pizza $$ – Pizza/Italian $40pp.  Much is made of the shiny new pizza places in town, for my money, Coppi’s is the best place to grab a pie.  Wood fired grill – check.  Balance of char and chew in the crust – check.  Adult ambiance with an absence of little children running about and making a racket – check.  I will add that their starters and pastas are pedestrian to good but those pizzas are truly special.
  7. Ray’s Hellburger $
  8. Corduroy $$ ½
  9. Kotobuki $$
  10. Sushi Taro $$$
  11. Granville Moore’s $$
  12. Regent Thai $$ – Thai, $50pp.  The presence of this place on the list requires some clarification.  They excel at what the do if you define what they do as providing consistently good, if rarely spectacular, staples of Thai cuisine as they have come to be defined against the American palate.  It is Thai comfort food done very well and at a fair price.
  13. Thai X-ing $$
  14. Ooohs and Aaahs $
  15. Negril & Quarry House $
  16. Cork $$
  17. Vegitate $$
  18. Grand Cru $$
  19. Cityzen (Lounge Only) $$
  20. New Heights $$ ½

All prices include a reasonable amount of booze.


3 Responses to The RR-20 Expanded

  1. Thanks for this expanded page. It’s nice to read your thoughts on these establishments.

    My pleasure. I am looking forward to adding more to this.

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