Would We Get Along Quiz

The Would We Get Along Quiz

For all statements with which you agree or describe you, add the corresponding number of points.  Disagreements have neutral point value, though, for vehement ones, subtract the points.  Honor system and your good judgment are the governing authorities.  Scores of 90 points or higher are solid indicators for friendship compatibility.

Disclaimer – Yes, I wrote the original version of this quiz for a dating website; but this is shared solely for entertainment value.

  1. You can name any two members of the Rat Pack besides The Chairman – 10 points
  2. Fox News Channel is to News as ______________ is to __________________ – 5 points, but I get to score that one.
  3. You have a subscription to and/or regularly read the New Yorker magazine – 5 points
  4. You think that Ultimate Fighting is barbaric – 5 points
  5. You prefer city over country – 10 points
  6. You disdain food as theater but cannot imagine life without great food – 15 points
  7. For you, a bad night at the theatre is better than a good night in front of the television – 10 points*
  8. You regularly incorporate the words troglodyte and/or Visigoth into your vocabulary – 5 points for each
  9. You’ve bought a drink for a stranger in the last month – 5 points
  10. You prefer black-tie to blue jeans and think that people who purport to like them both in equal measure are full of shit – 5 points for each part of the question
  11. You think that great wine tastes better when shared – 5 points
  12. You can name any three of the five red Bordeaux grapes – 10 points
  13. At some point in your life, you spent some time employed in the service industry – 10 points
  14. You know what happens when the immovable object meets the irresistible force – 10 points
  15. You know how to dance – the rhythmic movement of one’s pelvic region against another’s pelvic region which passes for dancing these days does not satisfy the definition of the word for purposes of this quiz – 5 points
  16. True or False: every silence is a void?**
  17. You have a secret super power – 10 points
  18. You regularly read the I Saw You section of Craigslist because you’re an optimist not because you expect to have been seen – 5 points
  19. You have a habit of inventing words that your friends incorporate in their vocabulary – 5 points
  20. You know how to perfectly make at least one cocktail – 5 points

Bonus Round (two points for each affirmative answer)

  1. You think Mohawks, Fauxhawks and all of their derivatives look really fucking dumb on 99% of the people who wear them.
  2. Your friends look like a cross section of society.
  3. People at your coffeshop are happy to see you.
  4. You are aware of the brilliance of any of the following television shows (two points for each) Homicide: Life on the Streets, SportsNight, RealSports***, Weeds.
  5. You’ve never read a single word of the Twilight series

*line lifted from one of my favorite women who would prefer to be nameless.

** Score yourself five points for false, zero points for true.  Subtract five points if you still disagree.

*** Bryant Gumble may be a pretentious arse, and Bernard Goldberg a rightwing wingnut; but this show is the 60 Minutes of the sporting world.


10 Responses to Would We Get Along Quiz

  1. Holy crap! You are possibly the first person I know in DC who knows what Homicide is (without me having to preface it as “the precursor to The Wire”)! Have you read the book by David Simon?

    Homicide was a brilliant show that I would frequently stay in on Friday nights to watch even though my VCR was set to record it.

  2. Cyndy says:

    Interesting quiz – I got an 85, plus 8 of the bonus points.

    Harmless fun, no?

  3. I scored a 71, including 6 bonus points.

    I wouldn’t place too much meaning in it.

  4. Melis says:

    138. However, I gave myself the full five points for number two, since I amused myself with several different answers: Old Milwaukee is to Beer; Sean Combs is to rap (great business man, horrible rapper); beef tenderloin is to steak; DC is to Boston. (RR, you know I had to put that in there until you agree to come to visit!)

    Not sure I am with you on the Tenderloin is to Steak reference, but yes you get mad points for all of the others.

  5. elle dubya says:

    89 – but i have a feeling the points i didn’t add were from questions that would keep us apart in the long run.

    Nah, nothing could stop us from being friends.

  6. Tiga_Lilee says:

    Wow 108. 100 plus 8 bonus points. Boy are we nerds. Or snobs. Or maybe “Snerds”. There I just invented ANOTHER word. I’ve already invented two words this week and it’s only Monday!

    I am completely stealing snerds.

  7. Lazygal says:

    109 (105 + 4 bonus points). Can I get another 2 points because I *had* to read Twilight as a work requirement?

    I think that ought to be a subtractions of plenty of points for that admission.

  8. dorothy says:

    I get a 121 with bonus but not including #2, to which my answer is TSA is to security.

    Give yourself the full points for that answer.

  9. My favorite statement here and its asterisks: “Every silence is a void.” Do you know the Marianne Moore poem “Silence”? One excerpt, “The deepest feeling always shows itself in silence …”

    I hadn’t been familiar, I am now; thank you for the reference.

  10. 128, under the assumption that my answer to #2 — “as Twinkies are to nutrition” — will meet your approval both as a fan of actual news and as a dude who Makes Food Do Stuff.

    Indeed, you assumed correctly, and that is a rather high coefficient of awesome.

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