About Me

This will undoubtedly provide you with more or less information about me than you wanted – and if you happen to be the one person for whom this amount of information is just right, lucky you.

I am the restaurant refugee.  After spending several years as a general manager running notable restaurants in the Washington, DC area, I fled the more than occasionally toxic environments that many restaurants have become.

This blog began as the urgent need to vent about a romantically painful experience.  I have no idea what it will become nor am I quite sure that anyone should be interested in reading my future musings.

I am a former and sometimes current professional writer (I have been paid for my work in the past and I do some freelance work, but it has never been enough to buy anything more than the appetizers.)  Information beyond that… at the moment I would prefer to keep my anonymity. That is a decision that may be reversed at some point, however, I will share the following information:

  • I started cooking as a child – my mother too often tells a story of a Mother’s day breakfast I prepared at age 5.
  • I began to study wine well before I was old enough to legally buy it.
  • I had a dot.com career before I got into the restaurant business.
  • I have forgotten more about running restaurants than most restaurant managers know.
  • I have been reasonably wealthy; I have been broke as hell.  I greatly prefer being happy to either – I am pretty happy with me.

I imagine that this post will be a work in progress.

Want to send me an email, restaurantrefugee(at)gmail(dot)com works.


4 Responses to About Me

  1. Maryla says:

    So I’m searching for a good Key Lime Cupcake recipe, and I find one. And as I’m about to leave the website, I catch a glimpse of a comment that cracks me up. “You had me at key lime”.
    I thought to myself, I have to find out who would leave such a funny comment. I read some of your blogs and, low and behold, you’re quite the comedian! I like your humor.
    Anyway, I enjoyed reading the few bits that I did.
    Thats all!
    Have a good day. Or Night. Or whatever time you’re getting this.


  2. T says:

    Not nearly enough information.

  3. Per capita, DC has more bloggers than anywhere else in the nation; however, to be totally honest, we don’t have enough dedicated people doing the blogging. Keep up the insightful and abstract outlook. Church%

  4. Good blog. Can I know very well what theme did you make use of?

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