Something Crossing My Mind Today

When I first wrote a list of what I wanted in a woman, I was 21, inspired by some movie I cannot recall. It was two pages long.

When I next wrote that list, I was 30, inspired by a failed marriage and finding the impossibly shallow first list while unpacking in a new place. The second list was one page long.

Now I am just past 40, inspired by a question in a tweet and my list can fit on post-it note.


2 Responses to Something Crossing My Mind Today

  1. L A Cochran says:

    “Has teeth”?

    Glad to see you posting again.

  2. I just discovered your blog via a link from elsewhere regarding online dating. Your little experiment was very enlightening.

    I have only just recently signed up to OKStupid and I am comparing my experience to that of my (not black) friend. She has been quite fortunately and has now been on several dates. I am currently fending off men who are looking for a black mama to dominate them! WTF???

    I am responding to this particularly post, because I remember when I had a long shopping list of requirements for the man of my dreams.

    That list now consists of three things:
    1) That he is breathing
    2) That he can string a sentence together vocally and on paper (without text speak)
    3)That he is breathing.

    Is there hope??

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