A Few Open Letters

Dear Woman from the Other Night,

When you said that I sound “delightful” and I replied that “it’s just the booze that makes you think so,” I wasn’t trying to be rude, or imply that you were loaded. It’s just that I have never been good at taking compliments and my natural inclination is to deflect them. If anyone knows Theresa from Dupont, please pass along my apologies.


The Man Who Blew It with the Really Cute Girl (not the first time that’s happened)


Dear Bus Driver Who Saw the Guy Running to Catch your Bus but Kept Driving,

I could have dismissed your unmitigated meanness as inattention… but I saw the woman at the bus stop point to the trailing guy and ask you to wait. You, are in fact, underscoring the largely false stereotype about DC writ large and Metro in specific. That you did so on New Year’s Eve when people ought to be filled with good will for all makes your dickishness even more egregious.

However, I do wish to thank you, because it gave me an opportunity to show kindness to a stranger. Even though I was running late, and had very little room in the car because of all the kitchen equipment, I stopped to offer the gentleman you left behind a ride. I stopped, moved things around to make room in the front seat, and offered a ride to a complete stranger. I stopped and was willing to delay my day to take that man wherever he needed to go. I stopped because you were an arse, and by stopping I found a way to demonstrate generosity of spirit. So thank you for you for your asshattery; it tested the veracity of my convictions… and unlike, you, I did not appear wanting.


A Man Who Tracked Down Your Bus Number and Reported this Incident to WMATA


Dear Guest at my NYE Dinner,

Your marriage is not my business… but in case you were wondering why I looked so familiar, no, it was not from the picture on my website… but it very well may be that you remember looking at my profile on the that online dating site. I remember looking at yours, and I don’t recall it saying anything about you being married (open or otherwise.) As Rick Perry might say, oops.


A Man Who Has no Problem with Polyamory but isn’t too Fond of Cheating Spouses


Dear Guy Next to me at the Bar the Other Night,

I know that there are lots of things about me that beg the food question… like the miniature copper sauté pan that hangs from my bag. I am humbled by the fact that I have a job/life that I love and understand when people want to talk food with me. However, asking me fifty questions that all began with “So what’s your favorite ____” is not really a conversation. That you did so while I was using what little energy I had to will my Steelers to victory while also trying to get the feckless Bengals to help out by beating the hated Ravens did not help matters.


The Guy Who Finally Found a Food Conversaaation He Didn’t Want to Have


3 Responses to A Few Open Letters

  1. Dear Refugee,

    When I see a post of yours in my reader-feeder-thingy, I get excited. Your wit and wisdom is always the perfect distraction from my otherwise tedious day. You also remind me that we’re all flawed (flubbing the cutie) but can still step up and do the right thing (giving a needed ride to a complete stranger). There’s comfort in numbers so your honesty is always appreciated. Or to put it another way, please write more often.

    Paige in Philly

  2. magnolia says:

    sometimes, i am astounded by the inability of people to grasp that if you post your cheating self on a dating site, it’s like walking down a large public street wearing a sign that reads I’M CHEATING ON YOU, SPOUSE. sure, there’s a pretty good chance that your spouse isn’t going to see you at that moment. but a ton of people are. and word travels fast.

  3. “asshattery” a word, in my opinion, not used enough.

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