Farewell DADT… Is the Sky Falling Yet?



I usually reject generalizations as a hallmark of a lazy intellect. I usually dismiss the demonization of people as unproductive in reasonable discourse. However to all of the preachers and false prophets who are warning of the coming wrath of God because of the end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, you are all a bunch of hateful intellectual bantamweights who traffic and profiteer in ignorance. All of you can go pound sand.

Just in case, I was wrong and you were right, I looked outside for locusts, or other signs of a falling sky. I found a sun struggling to peak from the cloudy and occasionally rainy skies… but it’s late summer in DC so that’s not unusual.  What freakish occurrences have marked the hours since the end of DADT?

  • I overcooked my roasted red pepper risotto.
  • I went to sleep without having a bourbon and cigar first.
  • The Red Sox continue to fold like a house of cards in hurricane… (oh, wait, that’s not that unusual but let’s blame the Gays anyway.)
  • Right to Life organizations decided to protest the extremely questionable execution of a man in Georgia… (oh, wait, that didn’t happen but wouldn’t that be a sign of the Apocalypse… or intellectual & moral consistency?)

3 Responses to Farewell DADT… Is the Sky Falling Yet?

  1. Response #1: I discussed DADT with a good friend who spent 16 years in the army. He leans more to the left than the right and truly didn’t have one stitch of an interest in which gender the rest of his platoon ogled. Protect me and I’ll protect you, end of story.

    That said, he did make a rather compelling argument that people need to accept the military for what it is instead of trying to force into something else. Sensitivity in many ways conflicts with a soldier’s role. He also did a rather good job of noting that the neanderthal hick from Alabama who willingly steps up to the front lines to fight on your behalf probably will never be evolved enough to understand and embrace our human differences. And yet, we desperately need him.

    I’ve clearly stripped it down but I think it still packs the same punch. That said, my friend believes DADT should be repealed. He questioned the timing while our servicemen and women are still tangled up with two wars. But otherwise he thinks it should go. More importantly, he managed to shed some light on the argument in a way I had never seen.

    Response #2: About fucking time.

  2. laloca says:

    @paige – following that argument, the armed forces should never have been racially integrated. logic fail.

    the military is what congress wants it to be. always has been, always will be. you check yourself when you join. end of story.

  3. magnolia says:

    i have always loved this cartoon.

    a good buddy of mine from our elementary-school days is an army recruiter in way-rural alabama. he’s a liberal on his own, but from a strictly army perspective, he is THRILLED TO THE GILLS that DADT has died. why? he now has tons more people with which to make quota.

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