A Few Vignettes / Recent Thoughts

Hours after a conversation with friends that featured a bit more candor than planned, I had a Carrie Bradshaw moment. I found myself sitting on my patio with a cigar, a bourbon, and this computer to contemplate the following:

How do you know if you made exceptions because you felt something exceptional, or if the exceptions were made for dubious reasons? Does it even matter after the relationship is over and all that’s left is the getting over it?

I didn’t answer any of those questions. I just took another hit of bourbon, watched blue gray smoke curl into the sky, and thought about how small the world must really be for me to have a Carrie Bradshaw moment.


New Rule: Baseball players who wear old-school stirrups instead of long pants are automatically 3.62 times cooler than their slack legged counterparts.

Addendum to the New Rule: The aforementioned does not now and never shall be applicable to Alex Rodrieguez.


The incomparable Aaron Sorkin has twice written that the only reason a man gets really good at anything is to impress a woman*. Ignoring the heterosculsivity** of the concept, truer words may never have been penned.


All of the excitement about Restaurant Week reminds me of people getting all a flutter about New Year’s Eve – the anticipation and hype almost never matches the reality. That so few restaurants get this promotion right is an annual disappointment to me.


* References made in both West Wing and Sports Night, there happens to be a great website that tracks the overlap between the two shows.

* Heterosculsivity and its related adjective Heterosculsive have already been sent to Urban Dictionary


5 Responses to A Few Vignettes / Recent Thoughts

  1. Jo says:

    Watching Bill Maher, are we?

    I like the Aaron Sorkin quote. Just started watching Aaron Sorkin’s less known show Sports Night and am LOVING it.

  2. Aaron Sorkin = man after my own heart.

    Also? Your Carrie Bradshaw moment made me smile.

  3. Amen to the baseball comment. Both of them actually.

    One day I want to make out with Sorkin’s brain. His ability to write brilliant dialog is breathtakingly sexy.

    I have a few restaurants for clients and one of them scoffed at Restaurant Week. “I offer that deal year round and I don’t need some cheap seekers coming in to get a deal only to never come back.” I bit my tongue and refrained from pointing out that since she was already offering a similar prix fix option, she really was merely getting free press. Sadly, chefs (and doctors/dentists) truly belong nowhere near the business side of things.

  4. the girl who can't sleep says:

    i think there’s no way to know.

    and that exceptions are made when the heart dares to hope and the soul insists on healing old wounds, rationale and reason be damned.

    we can’t help but revisit the scenes of our crimes, those committed against us and those we commit, each time hoping for a better ending.

  5. the girl who can't sleep says:

    and yes, i think it matters. thinking it doesn’t just hits the reset button til you find yourself in the same place again.

    maybe if we all confessed our hopes and dubious reasons, it would be easier to see a better way next time and we wouldn’t have to say so many goodbyes.

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