Call It What You Want, But…

I miss Bill Whithers’ early music

I miss mid 1990s hip hop

I miss running a restaurant

I miss the late great radio station WDCU

I miss Aaron Sorkin writing great TV

I miss traveling before a bunch of terrorists made airline travel as elegant as dinner at the Smorgasbord

I miss inspiration

I miss the best dessert place in the history of DC, Dolce Final

I miss the abundance of civility

I miss having a steady last call of the night

Even as Pitchers and Catchers have already reported, and the rest of the camps open today, I miss affordable baseball… anyone up for a minor league game?

I miss smokey jazz joints with a cat older than my father working the brushes (if you’re unfamiliar with the term, that’s a damn shame.)

I miss the certainty of purpose that I’ve somehow replaced with holding life together through force of will, a roll of duct tape and good luck

I miss writing in my journal

I miss my old post-divorce loft

I miss evenings of uncomplicated truth and overly complicated women

I miss blue lights in the basement

I miss slow dancing

I miss the nights when sleep came easily

It’s been barely a week, but I already miss football

I miss drive-in movie theaters… even though I have never been to one

I miss writing with fountain pens, or more accurately, good cause to use them

I miss the days when bra straps weren’t viewed as accessories and better still just weren’t viewed

I miss easy recoveries from the times I mortgaged the morning for pursuit of the night

I miss the illusion of meritocracy but wonder if I am better for the disquieting knowledge that replaced it

I miss my mojo, if you’ve seen it, please send it back my way

I miss the days when I always knew where the goal posts were… and if you’re the bloke in charge of moving them, please go pound sand

I miss writing this blog – the acknowledged vanity, the quiet craving for affection, yes, but the community of disparate spirits most of all.



16 Responses to Call It What You Want, But…

  1. Titania says:

    … and I really missed you writing your blog and your posts… So happy to see you back.

  2. we missed you too ….

  3. I miss the elegance of your writing. Your ability to articulate the mundance to sound refined. Please write again with consistency because you are appreciated.

  4. Gilahi says:

    Yeah, you missed the happy hour last night, too.

  5. kitty says:

    you were sincerely missed. thanks for coming back, if only briefly.

  6. magnolia says:

    miss your insights. and i definitely second this list, in globo.

  7. Vie says:

    I’ve missed reading your blog. I love the way you write about nostalgia.

  8. megabrooke says:

    i’ve missed you. i have an email in my drafts that i started just yesterday to check in on you.

  9. I hope that you find your moo, I am glad to see you checking in. I was wondering how you were.

  10. Carla Ganiel says:

    I’ve missed you, Refugee.

  11. Kristin says:

    It’s good to see your thoughts and words again.

  12. City Girl says:

    I’m not surprised to read how many of us have missed your wit and writing. Hope to see you soon, Dear Refugee! xoxo

  13. Foggy Dew says:

    If I remember correctly, there’s a drive in up in *gasp* Maryland and the Baysox have an all-you-can-eat crab section in the outfield. I’m guessing your mojo might make an appearance this weekend, all the signs are there.

    And if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s to always keep the cap when you let someone borrow your fountain pen.

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