Happy Friday

I don’t know if your week has been as bad as mine – mine included being in the hospital… on my birthday, so I’m pretty sure when it comes to suckitude, I’ll trump most of you – but finding this video was a gigantic bright spot.

Happy Friday!

p.s. if this didn’t make you smile, well, let’s just say that you’re probably not welcome to my scotch.

p.p.s. hat tip to Law & Order for one of my favorite quotes: “Do what you gotta do, you’ll always be welcome to my scotch” Adam Schiff, from which I cribbed the aforementioned post script and have long used as declaration of friendship.

p.p.p.s. here are a few bloggers who are always welcome to my scotch (literal or metaphorical) that you should be reading: Awkward Sex in the City, Anonymiss in DC, Attention Span of a Fly, that’s just the A-List, haha, I crack me up.


15 Responses to Happy Friday

  1. Titania says:

    hahahaha…. I loved that video! Sorry to hear you were sick for your bday, hope you’re feeling better now, need to avenge yourself and go celebrate

  2. Suicide_blond says:

    omg you didn’t say annnnnnything – xoxo

  3. k8 says:

    So sorry you were in hospital. That had to have been really awful. Hope you’re feeling better.

  4. natalie says:

    Shut the front door! thanks for the shoutout yo! and kickass video.

  5. magnolia says:

    yikes. hope you’re feeling better.

    and that video is AMAZING.

  6. Grace says:

    That video is awesome! I’m sorry to hear about your bad week. I hope it brightens up and you get to have belated birthday celebrations. xoxox

  7. Lemon Gloria says:

    Yikes – I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope all is well now. Happy belated birthday.

  8. Christina says:

    Sorry to hear that you were the hospital on your birthday that sucks. I hope that that is the worst thing that could happen to you as you start another year.

    Happy birthday to a fellow Virgo!

  9. Carrie Clark says:

    That’s a fantastic ad! I hope this week turns out much better for you.

    Happy belated birthday!

  10. kitty says:

    goodness. hope you are well. happy belated birthday.

  11. Happy Belated Birthday! And, I’m so sorry to hear that you were in the hospital! Hoping that you’re feeling better and that we can celebrate your birthday together soon. xoxo

  12. Vie says:

    That video IS excellent. I’m sorry you were in the hospital on your birthday, and I hope you’re feeling better!

  13. You were in the hospital?? And on your birthday?? That’s awful. I’m sorry 😦 Hope you are feeling better, and perhaps enjoying some of that scotch. Speaking of which, thanks for the blog love. Made my day 🙂

    P.S. Can’t get the video to load right now (crap wifi connection), but it looks fantastic… will try again later!

  14. No one should have to spend his/her birthday in the hospital. I vote for a do-over.

  15. kim says:

    Hospital for your b-day? Was there scotch at this hospital at least?
    (Though I really am a bourbon gal myself…)

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