The Best of the #WhereWereYou Hashtag

The following Tweet was the impetus for this project:@anamariecox #wherewereyou tag making me thankful for Twitter for the first time in a long while. #human #American #community

So I reviewed thousands of tweets with the #WhereWereYou hashtag and culled this list of messages I found most interesting, touching, and sometimes funny too.

@jamietarabay: #wherewereyou on a boat in the middle of the Aegean sea. Turkish shortwave radio so scratchy we thought 45000 had been killed.

@lovebaby111: I was in second grade confused…wondering why my teacher was crying and why we were sitting outside for a “code green” 9/11 #wherewereyou

@duranaca:Flying from Boston to Toronto, leaving same time flight to LA. Then I spent a week sleepless, against the TV #wherewereyou

@MikeTRose Walking Lily to preschool on State. Saw smoke, heard sirens, figured big fire downtown; I’d see it on the pm news. #wherewereyou

@DovSFriedman: …I thought a dumb drunk pilot flew a Cesna too low over Manhattan. Then reality hit. First day I heard name Osama Bin Laden. #wherewereyou

@bkyle55: #wherewereyou My grandparent’s house, home sick, watching the news through the innocent eyes of a 6 year old. September 11, 2001.

@A_Swagz: #wherewereyou 6th grade math class and my science teacher didn’t know what the twin towers were..

@gilvillegasjr: I was in Band…never knew until I entered History and people were stabbing a hanger into the TV in order to watch the news. #wherewereyou

@benblueonline: Public speaking class for plane #1. Teacher actually turned the TV off and taught. Ass. 2nd plane didn’t hit till next class. #wherewereyou

@wednesdaychef: At work at Rock Center while my colleague, whose wife worked on the 94th floor, punched a wall as we watched the towers fall. #wherewereyou

@ellenmaguirenyc: UWS. Couldn’t reach bf who worked by WTC. Cooked his favorite meal & waited with a friend. Five hours later, he walks in. #wherewereyou

@ellenmaguirenyc: I remember how quiet the streets became that evening. People walked in silence. I remember hearing shoes scuffing the pavement.

@A_Swagz: #wherewereyou 6th grade math class and my science teacher didn’t know what the #twintowers were..

@dancer2989: #WhereWereYou I think I was in 8th grade. I did not want to leave my parents side that day. I was scared to leave them.

@maytreelane: #wherewereyou lying on the sofa in early labour with my first baby – flicking channels and saw the first plane hit the tower – goosebumps

@bcl400: half awake,listening to mike and mike in the morning. heard about plane crashing into WTC, woke up and turned on TV#latetweet #wherewereyou

@loopylisa93 I was at school. I remember the teachers whispering in the corridors and kids crying because of relatives in America#wherewereyou

@stuckinchair Where everyone else in the UK was – chin on floor in front of the telly. #wherewereyou

@CloudSpeaker On way to work at a casino in KC. Saw aftermath of 1st on TV. Was in rush hour when 2nd hit. Astonished to find some gambling. #wherewereyou

@lisacle #WHEREWEREYOU Had just sent @dgfeeney off to work, then sat down to nurse my 1-month-old son. Turned TV on for company. Wished I hadn’t.

@valstulman @Wondermasons #wherewereyou in the car, on Ventura Blvd. Thought they were making a really bad joke on the radio.

@SPNfreak #wherewereyou weirdly I was in Florida swimming with dolphins in discovery cove

@juliedebbie #wherewereyou stranded in Vancouver since US border closed. All I wanted to do was get back to the USA and home.

@juliedebbie headed to Vancouver BC, Canada airport to catch a flight to San Fran…never left. Watched planes fly into Canada all day

@stephwillerton In bed sick with the flu in a Paris hotel room, watching CNN live. #wherewereyou

@sokorra #wherewereyou Spanish Class, 10th grade. I was complaining about my teacher w/ another student. The principal called it a minor catastrophe.

@pacificIT Opening my car for work and someone ran up and said “We’re all under attack!” I rolled my eyes and flipped on the car radio. #wherewereyou

@TamaraMedia at Police HQ in 911 operator training (my side job). Went into lockdown, prep mode in case the sh*t was going to hit the fan. #wherewereyou

@zipyrich #wherewereyou 53rd floor 1 Penn Plaza, south windows for impact; Manhattan Bridge walkway for collapse. Lived in dust-coated streets…

@HealthyTeachCA 10th grade Orthodontist stopped tightening my braces when he heard from lobby tv. Kept working with radio on; I found out then #wherewereyou

@UltraLuxe On my way to the Outer Banks w/ parents. Found out at Wendy’s at lunchtime from a stranger in their restroom.#wherewereyou #neverforget

@karenlevine #wherewereyou waiting for people to arrive at hospitals that were ready & waiting – but nobody came. Posters of missing people everywhere.

@karenlevine #wherewereyou watching tv in tears for the hundreds of people who worked for Cantor Fitzgerald, an investment bank I had never heard of.

@karenlevine #wherewereyou using a pay phone outside cafe Europa to track down a friend who worked at Windows on the World – remember that? She was late

@gf_adventuregrl Sitting in the library in my middle school. English class. They put the radio over the PA & I couldn’t understand anything. #wherewereyou

@sarahcgarvey First day of high school. Arrogant history teacher was telling us to stop overreacting. We were dismissed not 5 minutes later #wherewereyou

@Cidmonster On 9-11, I was in my sophomore year of high school. I hope I’ve just succeeded in making you feel old. #wherewereyou

@ThatGuy562 I had morning wood #wherewereyou

@pj_thompson @raecarson In bed, alarm went off 6 am PST, heard plane crashed into one of the Towers & actually hit the snooze.#stillashamed #wherewereyou

@fiddler42 #wherewereyou Had just dropped my eldest off for his first day of preschool. Brought him home & hugged him tightly the rest of the day

@DianaGriffith in 1st wk @mtholyoke, brand new, just left reporter job, torn between stunned horror and instinct to drive to NYC to cover it #wherewereyou

@prayingmantis 7th Grade History; sub-teacher wouldn’t turn on the TV because she didn’t think it was important. #wherewereyou#9/11/01

@plutoniumpage Tempted to make up a dramatic story for the#wherewereyou tag: “I was driving across the 520 bridge to Seattle when I saw a burst of light.”

@maryvale I went straight to the Gamecock student newspaper offices after classes (sociology of suicide!) and started assigning stories #wherewereyou

@soypan Working a DFW flight. CA called me into cockpit. Ground stop. One of ours had hit WTC. 1st thought was low-visibility.#wherewereyou

@Janet_Elaine I was sitting in McCarville’s 6th grade class when I learned about 9/11. Young enough to be naïve, old enough to understand. #wherewereyou

@aka_jim_allen 9/11 in tech support received a call from a man in New Jersey – he wanted to talk to someone about what he saw he was crying #wherewereyou

@gmyers421 Home watching the Today Show, 6wks pregnant, wondering what kind of world I was bringing my baby into, praying, calling family #wherewereyou

@tyfn Listening to morning radio. DJ announced plane had just hit the twin towers. Waited for a punchline that never came. Felt numb#wherewereyou

@Penenberg Watched firemen + police stagger uptown passed Canal Street, covered in dust, sobbing. Everyone afraid more planes wud come. #wherewereyou

@alexatimeaus Went back to dorm. I was an RA. Stayed with all my NYC residents while they called parents. #wherewereyou

@Dr_Mom #wherewereyou in our hospital ER waiting for the casualties to arrive. Worst moment when they said “Go home, there are no survivors”

@carolinadancer My dad just went into the OR for heart surgery in Sevierville TN. I had quit smoking for 8 weeks. That day I started again. #wherewereyou

@GenesisJones #wherewereyou I was in Mrs. Rayfield’s 2nd grade class when they announced for all teachers to turn the tv’s on and to lock their doors

@moberhoffner My very first poli sci class, ironically International Politics. My prof actually tore up the syllabus in front of us.#wherewereyou

@restrntrefugee: dear assholes who keep using the #wherewereyou tag to make bad jokes, when it comes to being a human being #youredoingitwrong


One Response to The Best of the #WhereWereYou Hashtag

  1. For the most part – all but one were touching — was the one about morning wood really necessary?

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