I Asked, You Answered, I Dated, and I…

I was looking forward to my date with the Conservative Nutter in the way that I anticipate an ultra deep tissue massage – you know it’s gonna hurt like hell but the results (a good blog post at worst) are worth it.

I prefer to arrive at first dates (especially online dates) early. Call it a function of my anal-retentive punctuality, or a tactical decision to get the seat with the best vantage points, either way twenty minutes before the appointed hour, I was seated on the courtyard patio of one of my favorite winebars.

CN was on time but underwhelming. From fifteen yards away, I could tell that her pictures were 30 pounds out of date. Five yards out, I could tell the pictures were 5 years old too. It’s not that she was suddenly unattractive or that she was outside of the rather broad range of women I find appealing, rather it’s the feeling of being duped. Bait-and-Switch is not a phrase that should apply to dating and I’m also not thrilled about the self-image issues associated with clearly deceptive images. The thoughts bounced through my head but weren’t given display on my face or in deed.

We seemed to have a certain instant comfort – there was no awkward “is that really you” moment, no hug-oops-handshake-oops-hug – and we jumped quickly into typical first-date conversations.

I wish I could you write that there were some particularly blog-juicy moments, or some grand manifestation of our political differences, but they just weren’t there. CN was about as conservative as she seemed but she wasn’t really a nutter as much as she was grossly uniformed. While there wasn’t overt flirting (at least from my side of the table) there was some casual curiosity if not a very low flame of chemistry. But that was it. No great stories to be told, or lines to be relived.

The woman I met at the bar after I left my brief date, yeah, about her there are stories to be told and a night to be relived… and I’ll tell that story tomorrow.


9 Responses to I Asked, You Answered, I Dated, and I…

  1. KaPau! says:

    As a recent addition to the online dating masses. I’m hearing so much about this Bait-n-Switch trick! …and I really just can’t get over wondering WHY.. I mean, yeah, I get “why”…but in light of thre ultimate goal being to meet the person (IF that’s the U.G.), ……then WHY??!! Really seems like the most ridiculous waste of time on both parties’ behalf….confounding…truly…

    I really believe that so many people have massive amounts of cognitive dissonance when it comes to dating. In a charitable light, these people are just unable to connect their true image with that which exists in their heads.

  2. Foggy Dew says:

    Glad to hear it wasn’t horrible and that, even if the room didn’t explode into flames of passion, you met someone worth teasing us with. Strong work.

    Thank you, my friend, and were it not for the grossly uninformed part, I might think that you two would hit it off.

  3. Sean says:

    I was also expecting a great blog post/story, but you left the readers (or at least me) hanging at the end. Nicely done!

    I am generally loathe to have incomplete posts, however, when stories have natural chapters, it seems more logical to me.

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  5. Ooooo… Meeting one woman while out with another. Very impressive!!

    And, much as I wanted a juicy blog post, I’m glad the date wasn’t ridiculously unpleasant or awkward.

    Not so much while out with, but after I left the other. And I’m glad that it wasn’t more awkward, but still saddened that an adult of seemingly above average intelligence can be so grossly uninformed in such matters.

  6. magnolia says:

    well, at least it wasn’t unpleasant. but i will never understand the whole false advertising thing. i mean, i will look for the best picture i can find in that situation, but it’s got to be my current hair color, a moderate makeup day (so i don’t look too airbrushed), and oh yeah, somewhere remotely near what my body actually looks like. sigh. people are bizarre. it’s not like you can hide from that.

    The logic of it just baffles me. Are some people that hopelessly self-unaware or are they simply delusional?

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  8. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Happy that the date wasn’t horrible, and love the cliffhanger! xoxo

    At worst, I knew that I would get a blog post from the experience.

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