So I Need to be Careful What I Ask You For

I am man enough to admit that I haven’t been a very good blogger lately (yeah, yeah, I know some of you are thinking “lately?”) I haven’t posted much this summer, I bailed on doing NaBloPoMo in July, I’ve abandoned a few stories without finishing, and I’ve been terrible about responding to the comments left by the lovely half-dozen readers that are still here.

Thus, when a few people suggested that I go on a date with a woman who may or may not be a complete nutter, I decided I had to do it. Not just because, as the Foggy Dew noted, being hot can overcome a multitude of failures (yes, my friend, I paraphrased you; get over it.) But really because as my favourite blonde wrote “if [I] realllly loved [you]…[my] loyal readers..[I] would court her for sport… and record it here for our enjoyment.”

I am not a fan of dating for sport. It’s cruel, objectifying, demeaning, and I know Suicide Blonde didn’t mean it that way. I am no more a fan of the fade-away technique, slow, fast or intermediate speed, it just doesn’t work for me. As my favorite Yogi noted, I “don’t want to be one of THOSE guys who just disappears, further adding to the cynicism and doubt that’s now inherent in online dating.”

So I’m going on a date tonight. I’m gonna dress in a first date suit and wear a particular shade of optimism. I will keep my mind open… but yeah, I’ll be twittering during bathroom breaks… assuming that it lasts that long.


12 Responses to So I Need to be Careful What I Ask You For

  1. Shannon says:

    And, hey, for all you know, she’s not a nutter, but subscribes to the birther stuff out of a well-tuned sense of irony.

  2. Ok, so I am one of the lurkers here… stealthily read your entries in google reader but very rarely comment (now I sound like a nutter, don’t I?).. anywho, this entry made me comment.. can’t wait to find out how your date turned out..

  3. magnolia says:

    ooh. this is brave, foolish, or some exotic cocktail of both. i am looking forward to hearing about this.

  4. Vie says:

    Have fun! Keep us posted, and enjoy some great debate.

  5. Jean says:

    I can’t wait to hear how it goes. You’re taking one for the team and I’m fascinated to find out how the nutter-status fits with her charming & witty e-mails. Best of luck. Here’s hoping for a pleasant surprise.

  6. Ooooooooo boy!!! Good for you! Cannot WAIT to read this recap!! 🙂

    One does not rescind an accepted offer without damn good reason… some might say her nutterism qualifies as good reason, but I’m trying to be open minded.

  7. Oooh! I’ll be looking at my Twitter feed with baited breath. Sure you’ll look dashing in your first date suit! And, if you need an out, just say that your friend, Cancer Girl, needs you ;). xoxo

    Thanks for giving me the exit-option, Cancer Girl; you’re never far from my thoughts.

  8. Bad dates are like bad interviews, practice for the gig you really want. Similarly, you always get an offer when you aren’t interested. Either way it’s always worth showing up (says the girl who once spent thirty minutes listening to a man rattle off all of the ways Iowa contributes to the economy).

    You are so right, and I imagine that Iowa’s economic contributions are about as interesting as listening to a Philly fan talking about their city’s manners. OK, maybe not full analogous but I owed you for that swipe you recently took at my Nats.

  9. Foggy Dew says:

    Just read the tweets on your date. (Insert sound of fast intake of breath through the teeth here) Sorry about encouraging you to go on a date with a nutter who has a five year and 40 pound out of date photo. I think the Blond and I may owe you some drinks. On the other hand, I believe everyone is responsible for their own choices…

    We are all responsible for our choices, and I fully own this one. I knew the odds, and rolled the dice anyway.

  10. Christina says:

    So I take it things did not click.

    You know that sound when shifting between gears in a car and they don’t quite engage… yeah kinda like that. OK, not really that bad, but I really liked writing that sentence.

  11. kitty says:

    sometimes the flame is too hard to resist. and is it just women that post non-recent pics?

    I have often joked that when someone walks into a bar looking for their online date s/he should look for someone two inches shorter and five years older than the pictures. So, no, according to anecdotal evidence from my friends who date men, this cuts both ways.

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