It only reads like a joke

A guy walks into my regular cigar shop. The clerk/my friend asks him how things are going over at Merrill Lynch. The guy and his female colleague guffaw and protest “Merrill, huh!?!? Don’t associate us with those clowns, we’re at Morgan.”

I immediately turn to a couple of my friends and exclaim “That’s like a crocodile saying ‘we don’t fuck with those alligators’”

Alternate title: Bird complains about his cousin with the same feathers.

Alternate Alternate Title: something funny that’s too long to explain on Twitter


3 Responses to It only reads like a joke

  1. Lemon Gloria says:

    I like the title you chose. Also, I was going to write a whole thing about alligators of today and their small penises but maybe it’s just not relevant.

    Whoa, what? Alligator’s are poorly hung?

  2. kim says:

    “How dare you call me Bush! I’m Dick Cheney!”

    Oh, I really like this… there are so many opportunities here. “How dare you confuse me with BritBrit, I’m Lindsay Lohan!”

  3. LiLu says:

    Oh, for Pete’s sake.

    Or is that Paul’s?

    Four letters in one word, a single syllable in the other.

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