Top Chef Premier Parties

So apparently DC restaurateurs aren’t very pop-culturally aware, have really crappy public relations teams (from experience, I’m betting yes on this one,) make piss-poor efforts at electronic marketing and updating of websites (again, from a position of expertise, I am putting my money on this one) or some combination of all of the aforementioned; because I could only find two places that are hosting parties for tonight’s premier of Top Chef DC.  I could teach a class on the wasted opportunity this represents for too many places.

Vitriolic soliloquy on the theory of money not earned being more significant than money lost aside, I have found the following places for people to watch with fellow fans, gourmands, and gadflies alike:

Good Stuff Eatery, Capital Hill, 9 – 11pm, TC Alums Carla Hall, Brian Voltaggio, Mike Isabella, and Good Stuff owner, Spike Mendelssohn are listed as attending. RR Prediction – it will be extremely crowded, you’ll be lucky to get a moment with any of the TC Alums, and drinking options are limited.

Oval Room – the restaurant boasts one of their own as a contestant, Sous Chef Tamesha Warren (editor’s note: Chef Warren is a delightful and lovely woman I have known for more than a minute and the cheftestant for whom I will be rooting.)  Viewing from 9 – 11pm, RR Prediction – more low key environment that will provide a decent opportunity to actually watch the show; caveat: Oval Room is not an inexpensive place to sip and sup for that amount of time.

Your Local – assuming you have a local, or even if you don’t this is a great time to sort of fake it and create a relationship with a bar.  Any place worth the time wants to make their regulars (and strangers too) happy, so call them early in the afternoon (but after lunch if they’re open during that time) and ask if they would be willing to show Top Chef.  If they have a television in a somewhat secluded area they should accommodate.  Please be mindful that if your Local is prone to loud music then they cannot and probably should not accommodate.  Choose a place that is capable of airing the show, ask for the manager, and always introduce yourself over the phone… it helps if you begin the conversation with “a few of my girlfriends and I were looking for a place to watch Top Chef this season…”  A few of my friends will also work but is less effective on the straight male managers.


4 Responses to Top Chef Premier Parties

  1. Thanks for the info!!!

  2. I love the show and I have been waiting for the DC chapter! thanks!

  3. I was researching this, as well, and I have to say I agree with you. With the premiere of Top Chef DC tonight, I expected restaurateurs to jump at the opportunity.

    It’s sad because the premiere of Real World DC had more premiere parties than this.

    Way to go, DC.

  4. For the last TS season, 10 Arts always hosted a cocktail event to view the show (and cheer on their chef in the running). And when Jose Garces was in the running to become the next Iron Chef, his eateries were constantly promoting the show and his ultimate success.

    But since I never thought of DC as a foodie haven, I’m not all that surprised (heehee).

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