Random Friday, Random Housekeeping, Is It Happy Hour Yet?

I thank all of you for your good wishes on my announcement yesterday. As I emailed more than a few of you who left comments, the proper etiquette, however, requires “Best Wishes” to the prospective bride, and “Congratulations” to the guy who just executed an outstanding April Fools Day Prank.  I’m Gonna Break Your Heart and I will be together forever, but as the great friends we have been since the day we met but there will be no marriage.


I recently saw some who was the worst kind of cliché – one that is dangerous is both the literal and metaphorical sense.  From the elevated perch of my Metrobus window seat, I watched some self-centered millennial asshole driving his BMW with his knees while having two hands on his crackberry.  Never have I wanted to throttle someone more than at that moment.  For the love of Bacon and all things Holy, put the bloody phone down and drive!


Filed under: How Could I not Know About This, yesterday was the birthday of my severe blog crush, Rachel Maddow.  As I have admitted my horrid ability to remember even the most significant of birthdays, that memory omission doesn’t shock me or anyone who’s know me for more than a calendar year.  The part that annoys me is that Maddow fans on Twitter determined that they would send enough tweets with the hash tag Maddow to get her on the global front page of trends. Never mind that I barely know enough to write or understand that last sentence, but how did I miss that?


Some Free Advice to Restaurateurs from Someone who Gets Paid to Give It: I know that everyone is telling you that you have be involved in new media and social networking to be successful.  While there is some truth there, the bigger issue is that you should resist the urge to fuck with things you don’t understand.  If you don’t know the etiquettes and charms and general ways of these tools they can only be more dangerous than productive.

The following is an excerpt from a DC Blogs Round-Up I had put together.  It centered around a soon to open restauranteur who threatened a blogger with litigation over a mostly innocuous but critical comment left on her blog.  For editorial reasons, it got cut before publishing.  I share it with you all here because I still think it entertaining and enlightening.

In a stunning example of “the solution is worse than the problem,” U Street Girl received a complaint from a business owner about a comment left on her blog.  The request threatened legal action and caught the attention of more than a few other bloggers.

Original Post from U Street Girl

Removal Post from U Street Girl

Reaction from 14th and You

Reaction from dcist (and a flood of comments)

Reaction from We Love DC

Reaction from Sophistpundit


10 Responses to Random Friday, Random Housekeeping, Is It Happy Hour Yet?

  1. Christina says:

    It is 5 pm somewhere, happy hour can now begin…at least for some of your readers.

    I just got a crackberry and I wish I picked a less technical phone because it makes it harder to stay way from technology. I never drive with my knees…ever!

    I honestly don’t know how I lived without my Crackberry for as long as I did.

  2. LiLu says:

    How did I miss that? Kudos on an April Fool’s well done.

  3. RR! I’m surprised at you! The archaic tradition of offering a groom-to-be congratulations while the poor blushing bride is stuck with mere best wishes stems from the trogloditic notion that the groom has “won” the bride.

    But, I mean, in the modern age? Frig it sideways. If any fool makes the mistake of implying he’s won me? He’ll be crying out his ears and digging through his wallet for the gift receipt on the engagement ring.

    That said, the charming foppishness of adhering to outmoded displays of chivalry is pretty in character for you, and you wear it well, so I rule it slightly forgivable in this case.

    I will completely cop to the foppishness of my ways especially when it is preceded with a modifying compliment. However, I learned long ago that any man who does not think he married “up” or a woman he doesn’t fully deserve has married the wrong woman. It is in that sense that I contend that congratulations to the groom are always appropriate.

  4. Shoooooot. Just call me Gullible and leave it at that.

    There is undeniable charm in being sufficiently open that one might call it gullibility.

  5. kitty says:

    you’re getting better at writing fiction!

    in all honesty, just based upon your writing style, any woman would be lucky to be written into one of your love stories.

    Thanks, but I am pretty sure that I could find a long list of women that might disagree.

  6. magnolia2010 says:

    haha. well played, both of you. 🙂

    as for the U street girl incident: wow, what an ass. good on her for pointing out exactly what an ass the guy is, too. i love patronizing local businesses, but i’ll be damned if i’ll put a single solitary coin into the pocket of a short-fused jerk like this. there are far too many good people in DC to do business with to waste time on horrible people.

    (not to mention that, as a near-graduate of law school, i HATE it when people go around threatening legal action when they have no freaking clue what they’re talking about.)

    I’d love to hear him explain the applicable laws regarding defamation, libel, and blogging. People really ought not use words they don’t understand.

  7. notsojenny says:

    umm, so first, glad to hear i wasn’t the only Fool yesterday.
    second, so what was the comment?? it’s driving me insane trying to find it but everyone links to something saying “here’s the original” but it’s not there. either that or i’m completely missing it…

    I read it a couple of times, but everyone has removed it because they don’t want the hassle of potentially expensive litigation. It can tell you that it brought the Abraham Lincoln quote to my mind – “better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” Replace fool with ill-mannered and you get the point.

  8. […] I thank many of you for your best wishes, Restaurant Refugee and I will not be tying the knot (the noose?) in the near future. As he said, we plan to spend the […]

  9. I have such a girl crush on Maddow that I’ve seriously considered attending my college reunion in May because it occurs during commencement and she’s the speaker. Yes, I just squealed. Again.

    Need a date for said reunion? My crush is substantively amplified by the fact that the esteemed Ms. Maddow has an affinity for good bourbon.

  10. Jean says:

    Cheers for the prank! Too bad it was only a prank, but I quite like your lovely comment about the friendship 🙂

    My dear friend explains our platonic status best when she says that I am too much jazz and she needs a bit more rock-n-roll.

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