How High the Moon

It’s Friday night and I had a familiar perch for such an evening, a bar stool.  This barstool however, was in Chicago where I was summoned for an urgent meeting with a new client.  Two stacks of paper and my shiny new netbook, whose name is Ava, are open in front of me.  I tucked into this Lincoln Park bar mostly because there seemed to be plenty of space to lay out my work, and the bartender had an easy smile about her.

Just about the time that I finished my Manhattan a couple of women, who would have gotten noticed even if they were not two of only a few people in the place and a gust of cold air had followed them in the door, entered the bar and took residence a few feet from me.  Their interaction with the bartender suggested that they were regulars if not friends with her.  Without ordering, two glasses of wine appeared on the bar.

I’m mostly ignoring my beer while scribbling notes, clicking keys, and reading reports when one of the women looks in my direction and said “It’s Friday night, why are you still working?”

I took a pausing breath before responding, “Well, I’m in town for work, and there’s still work to be done… being here is better than the service bar in my hotel.”

“Didn’t think you were from here – Chicago guys don’t work on a Friday night.”

A few more random lines were bandied to and fro but they went back to their wine, and I went back to my work after a minute or so.

Just after 8pm my Crackberry buzzed.  I was dumbstruck by the message.  I must have read it four or five times before I exclaimed “Wow” far louder than intended.

“Care to share?” the woman sitting closest to me asked.

This was one of those moments when you have to tell somebody so I just told these two women I was certain I would never see again*.  “So, I write this anonymous blog… well mostly anonymous as I have met a few people through it, but that’s not really germane.  Through the blog, I invented a holiday last week, International Crush Day, dedicated to declaring crushes.  I wrote a blog post declaring a few of my crushes.  I wrote that I crush on Katty Kay because ‘smart with a British accent just sounds better.’”

“You mean Katty Kay from NPR?” one of the women asked.

“From NPR, and the BBC and newspapers, and the Meet the Press, and bunch of other stuff too” I replied.

“Yeah, she is pretty hot” the ladies concurred.

“Well she, Katty Kay for the love of bacon, just left a comment on my blog, and frankly, I’m a little school-girl giddy about it.”

Andi and Monica spent the next hour or so peppering me with questions about the blog.  We spent the next four hours drinking, eating, letting the place fill around us, and talking about whatever, but I was still floating on the notion that one of my famous crushes bothered to send me a message.

* I’ve seen them both again… and just might see them a bit more, but I’ll tell that story tomorrow.


13 Responses to How High the Moon

  1. Jean says:

    Ooh, how cool! Can’t wait for the other part of the story tomorrow.

    It’s been a few days and I’m still kinda giddy about it.

  2. Christina says:

    Very cool!

    You were in Chicago on a good weekend ie there was no snow. I am glad you found a quiet place in LP, it is a rare find especially on a Friday night!

    I am a huge fan of Chicago, it’s one of the few US cities to which I could see myself relocating… and the place didn’t stay quiet for too long.

  3. kitty says:

    that’s a fairly compelling reason to continue to blog, sir. good work.

    Did I give the impression that I was thinking of stopping?

  4. Fantastic! Glad your compliment made the world a happier place, all around.

    There is never a kind gesture that is too small to make the world a happier place.

  5. Vie says:

    Now that, sir, is some exciting news. There’s nothing quite like the butterflies.

    Butterflies rawk… hard.

  6. Um, that’s amazing. WOW. I mean, of course your blog is worthy of a comment from a crush, but stil…Katty Kay?! Yeah, that’s amazing.

    I know, right? Katty Kay, yeah WOW’s all around.

  7. dorothy says:

    That’s totally fun and cool – both that you have a crush on her and that she commented.

    It was a high that I struggle to describe… and only deepened my crush.

  8. Alice says:

    no way!! that’s awesome! i met one of my online crushes (of the girl variety) over the weekend, and she posted a picture of me on her blog so i’m pretty high on life myself 🙂

    The blog crush is well documented but still underrated.

  9. lemongloria says:

    Excellent! That’s very cool. And I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s story as well!

    Thanks, and I’m looking forward to telling it.

  10. magnolia says:

    so maybe crushes aren’t so bad after all… 🙂 how fun!

    Crushes are usually of the benign variety, but I certainly understand your thoughts on the matter.

  11. oooh….my heart fluttered just reading this! So exciting that she commented!

  12. citygirlblogs says:

    I love that your crush is continuing to comment! I’m giddy for you! And, it seems like you are turning Chicago into the city that doesn’t sleep! xoxo

  13. […] Andi, Monica and I were a couple of hours into our salutatory conversation, yet it already had the p… – two old friends and the imperfect stranger having a drink in a their neighborhood Chicago bar. The Katty Kay revelation and discussion of my blog were the impetus for our bonding – sharing secrets with people who don’t live in your town is an infectious habit.  I shared, Andi shared, Monica shared, and I shared some more.  We covered lost loves, drunken sexcapades, famous crushes, and a few things that I cannot recall. […]

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