Don’t Think I’m Fragile Just Because I Crush Easily

As today is the day that International Crush Day is Celebrated, I have a few things to share…

I crush on the woman on the subway because she’s reading the Financial Times and for a geek like me, that’s kinda sexy.

I crush on Dianne Rehm because she can take the most divisive issue and find the civility amidst the cacophony.

I crush on Air Force Lt. Colonel Victor Fehrenbach because he spent 18 years serving our country, has a drawer full of medals, and still wants to serve despite the fact that the USAF is trying to discharge him because he happens to be gay.

I crush on Christina Hendricks because she looks like a real woman with real curves, and yes, also because I have some sort of genetic predisposition in favor of redheads.

I crush on Rachel Maddow because it’s impossible not to crush on a woman who is simultaneously the smartest and funniest person in just about any room… and when the room is a Meet the Press Studio, that’s saying something.

I crush on the woman at my coffee shop because she wears stilettos in the snow… yes, I know that is highly impractical, frequently an indication of high maintenance, but also not mutually exclusive to being kinda hot.

I crush on a whole host of bloggers, because they write things that leave me breathless either in that hand-over-mouth kinda way, or because I’ve used all my air on laughter, or because they turn a phrase that leaves me thinking “damn, I wish I wrote that.”

I crush on my butcher because she can talk about meat the way I can talk about wine which is to say for hours on end without conversation fatigue.

I crush on Katty Kay because wickedly smart with a British accent just sounds better.

I crush on Nia Long because of the movie Love Jones and that’s reason enough.

I crush on Adam Van Houten because he reported himself for an error on his scorecard that cost him an Ohio High School state golf championship and honor is very cool.

I crush on Eva Cassidy (yes, I am allowed to have posthumous crushes) because there’s never been another voice like hers, and I’ve never had more fun at Blues Alley then the times I saw her.


16 Responses to Don’t Think I’m Fragile Just Because I Crush Easily

  1. to quote the eternal Biggie Smalls…
    “im not a player i just crush a lot”

    I hate to be that guy, but I am pretty sure that was Big Punisher, not B.I.G. and I almost titled the post that but there are too many women who might disagree with the statement.

  2. Grace says:

    This is a great list. You have introduced me to a few new people too. Now my crush with them can begin!

    Fantastic, crush away.

  3. I totally have a crush on my afternoon bus driver because she gets me where I’m going safe! And so far (as compared to her male counterpart), never drives the bus into a puddle of water collected in a pothole while stopping for me.

    As good a reason as any to have a crush… not that a crush needs a reason or rhyme.

  4. amy says:

    All women are real regardless of whether they have an hourglass figure or not. Thin women are no less “real” than any other.

    That said, Christina Hendricks has some mighty impressive curves. Her curves are what the word is describing, unlike the chubby girls who continue to hijack the term.

    I was not trying to denigrate women who are particularly thin, rather I was attempting to denigrate the Hollywood obsession with stick figures, the unhealthy choices many of them make to look that way, and the pernicious effect that it has on the collective and cultural model of beauty. Somehow I suspect that you already knew that and were just using this as an opportunity to make your point. And was it really neccessary to dis the chubby girls?

    • amy says:

      My apologies. I completely agree that unhealthy behaviours in order to look a certain way are not good and should not be supported. I wasn’t intending that to be a dis either. The words “curvy” and “real women” tend to inspire a knee-jerk reaction in me, and I could have phrased my comment more eloquently.

      Anyway, I quite like your blog and I’ve been reading for some time. You’re a very talented writer.

      Thank you, and we all have those words/phrases etc. that get under our skin for whatever reason.

  5. Liz says:

    I have a crush on Taylor Swift, for being young and naive, for writing her own songs and standing up for her beliefs, for calling out douchebags and for wearing sparkles, always, because she can.

    That’s for starters. I think my list would be way longer, but not as honorable. I love your list- thank you for sending love to real women like Hendricks- lets see more bodies like that in Hollywood!

    I have no idea who Taylor Swift is so I can neither concur nor disagree – I am pretty sure that precisely none of my friends would be shocked by that revelation.

  6. Lisa says:

    Ohhh, you saw Eva Cassidy at Blues Alley? I’m sure those were spectacular evenings.

    I’ve been so stressy this week I forgot about Crush Day! Although I did write about the biggest crush of my life, but what else is new?

    Also, the women with heels in the snow? Especially if I’m stuck behind them as they mince along slowly on the narrow, snowed-in sidewalk? Makes me want to push them into a snow bank. Grr.

    Those were some truly special evenings and she was the most gracious and lovely performer I have ever seen… regarding those women, I am pretty sure a quick nudge from the stroller would be completely appropriate.

  7. Jean says:

    I love your list. I crush on Christina Hendricks, too. Ever since I saw her on Firefly, I thought she was gorgeous and her costume designer on Mad Men should be hugged. Did you know she’s not a natural red head?

    Been dying it red since she was ten, if I recall correctly… and I don’t discriminate against the reds that come from a bottle.

  8. Mirella says:

    I loved your blog so much, and I think I have a crush on you now:)

    Thank you, that is very kind of you to write.

  9. kitty says:

    This weekend, I crushed on the guy in front of me in line at the grocery store buying roses and nothing else. I saw him again, after I’d left the store, walking up the hill to the giant apartment complex where I live. That was when my crush intensified. He took the BUS, then stopped off for flowers, before going to her house.

    And I crush on your responses to comments.

    That is pretty damn stand-up of a guy to think enough to go out of his way to get the flowers – let’s just hope that he wasn’t doing it because he got in trouble.

  10. I have a huge girl crush on Maddow. Which would explain why, when learning she will be giving the commencement speech at my alma mater, I started scheming all of the ways I could crash the event.

    Ahem, cough, cough, need a date?

  11. metroadlib says:

    now that you mention it, i, too, crush on nia long, christina hendricks, and rachel maddow.
    now i’m going to have to have *yet* another talk with myself about what it actually means to be a heterosexual.
    (btw, i could only watch ‘love jones’ once. it was too emotionally overwhelming for my young mind at the time.)

    Not for nothing, but I listed a couple of gentleman on my crush list and do not think that it mandates an internal conversation about my heterosexuality… and by the by, you should give Love Jones another chance. Really fun film.

  12. kristengz says:

    I somehow missed International Crush Day, but I think I’m still going to do a post on it, even though it’ll be a week late.

    And I also missed your entrance into the world of Twitter. Just fixed that though.

    Never to late to disclose a crush, the day just gives us an excuse.

  13. Katty says:

    now i’m blushing, in every accent, on air! thank you. i’ve never made a crush list, let alone a global one, before. finally, something to impress my kids with!

    I am supremely flattered that you took the time to leave this comment. This type of grace is more justification for my thoroughly harmless crush on you.

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