A Couple of Endorsements and a Few Not So Much

Not Exactly an Endorsement – It was barely four years ago that Mel Gibson revealed himself to be an Anti-Semitic jackhole.  His lunatic rants were all over the entertainment news wires.  TMZ published his arrest report, Gibson went on the typical apology tour, about which I am calling bullshit (Booze will lower inhibitions and allow one to say things that are already in his/her heart, but it won’t plant the most vile of thoughts there.)

Now about 40 months later (less than half the amount of time it took for the Holocaust… you know just to add some perspective) this filth spewing, ignorant racist (I know: redundant,) Holocaust Denier has a big budget movie from a major studio.  The trailers are all over the television and the net and I can’t look at his repugnant mug without wanting to change the channel.

An Endorsement – The Wet Martini, also known by its proper name, Martini, is a beautiful drink when well made.  Sadly, we got sold on the notion that a dry martini has virtue as opposed to being what it is: a big glass of cold gin.  Go to a good bar and ask the bartender for a real martini (you’ll know it’s a good bar if the bartender smiles with delight at the prospect) with Hendricks, or Bluecoat American Dry and a dash of Fee Brothers’ Bitters.

Not Exactly an Endorsement – Television Commercials for Anti-Depressants are clearly designed by some people who’ve never dealt with clinical depression.  Attempting to make someone who suffers from this disease feel even worse in an effort to sell more of your drugs may not be equivalent to emotional blackmail but it’s not far behind it.

An Endorsement – Buying the Suit/Dress/Whatever and then find the event later.  Maybe you host a cocktail party yourself and invite your friends to drink in all of their semi-formal finery.  Maybe you gather your friends for a night of fancy drinking just cause, or maybe you just attend one of the hundreds of charity galas held in every metropolitan area every year.  Get the threads, the event will come or you can make your own.

Not Exactly an Endorsement – Professional Football Quarterbacks who consistently blame their teammates when things go wrong.  I’m not naming any names, cough, cough, Peyton Manning, but I am pretty sure that every time it happens butterflies lose their wings, puppies get stomach aches, and maybe a large woman gets ready to sing.


12 Responses to A Couple of Endorsements and a Few Not So Much

  1. Payton Manning needs to retire. Now. This very SECOND. Thankyouverymuch.

    I’m not finished hating on him yet, so I am happy to have him to loathe for a few more seasons.

  2. k8 says:

    Anti depressant commercials make me laugh. I mean, seriously. You’re not all, “I just don’t WANT to play with my dog today” and frowning. You’re sitting in your closet with knives and other instruments of destruction. Show THAT on an antidepressant commercial!

    Zackly. These companies – or their commercials at least – present themselves as charlatans of the highest order.

  3. Dude, at most of the bars I go to — even ones that seem decent — when you ask for a martini, you don’t even get a big glass of cold gin. You get a big glass of cold, urgh, vodka.

    Which I guess is marginally better than asking for a martini and being handed a list of girly sugarbombs featuring flavored vodkas and myriad juices, all garnished with tiny swarovski swan figurines or something similarly grotesque.

    Even thinking about those candied concoctions makes me a kinds of stabby angry.

  4. Jean says:

    “An Endorsement – Buying the Suit/Dress/Whatever and then find the event later.” If you build it, they will come, eh?

    I am totally with you on the Mel Gibson thing – every time I see that preview, I want to gag.

    If you buy it, yes, the event will come.

  5. brookem says:

    I LOVE HENDRICKS. LOVE LOVE. My ManFriend introduced me to it circa our third or fourth date and I would have said yes if he put a ring on it right then and there.
    Okay, okay, that’s an exaggeration. But still. Cucumbers and gin? Yes please.

    If you like the Hendricks – and I am in the tank for Hendricks – you should try the Blue Coat. Lover-ly.

  6. Alice says:

    you know, i recently bought myself a Hot Little Black Number, and now i’m thinking i should host a cocktail party just so i can wear it. good call, friend.

    So am I going to make the cut for invite list?

  7. brad says:

    100% agreement on Gibson. The idea of him being a hero in a story is absurd.

    I know nothing about martinis other than that I don’t like dry martinis. If this is potentially because they are basically just big glasses of cold gin, then I’ll definitely give a wet martini a try.

    You actually may want to try a Perfect Martini which contains gin, sweet AND dry vermouth. Another classic for you to sample is the Vesper (incidentally, James Bond’s original drink of choice invented in the first book Casino Royale.)

  8. LiLu says:

    “Buying the Suit/Dress/Whatever and then find the event later.”



    The shoes work for women in this case, but there is no real equivalent for men… but, yeah, I get it.

  9. Graygrrrl says:

    I could agree more about the depression medication ads. Shouldn’t they show the patients running, jumping, climbing trees? Oh wait, they can’t. Those activities have already been claimed by erectile dysfunction and genital warts.

    Ha, that is a very good point. I just think that medications should be left to doctor’s not clever advertising.

  10. Melis says:

    I will reevaluate this now, but I often add “real” or “dry” to my request for a martini to distinguish from the old-school martinis made with sweet vermouth (which I also enjoy — in fact, I’d fancy a Hearst right now…mmm…carapano antiqua formula).

    Couldn’t agree more about buying the dress. First, I like dressing up; second, if I own a selection of fabulous dresses, I never have to scramble to find something to wear on special — or not so special — occasions.

    There are few things so special as a good bar that crafts real drinks. And not for nothing, but every occasion is special when one dresses for special.

  11. kitty says:

    have you had aviation or 12bridges gin?

    I’ve had em’ both – it’s a component of my job to taste and know all of the new spirits – but I must confess that gin isn’t my spirit of choice more often than not.

  12. Grace says:

    I’m all for buying the dress. When I find one I love it’s mine. I can always find a reason to wear a beautiful dress.

    I once had a black-tie first date just because she had a dress she wanted to wear. Wanting to wear it is reason enough for me.

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