And the R-Cubies Go To…

Shameless Solipsism and a Couple of Wet Kisses have arrived in the form of the first annual (probably never do this again, but whatever) Restaurant Refugee Rewards or R-Cubes for short.  They are a collection of some of the posts of the last twelve months that had particular meaning to me, or got me in trouble, or simply had subjects that lent themselves to making another joke.  There are also a few other people’s work receiving awards today – though not nearly as many people as should get them so there maybe another installment of this tomorrow.

And the R-Cubies go to…

The Carrie Prejean Award for Pretty but Vapid Restaurants goes to Bar Dupont.

The What Would Happen If Dr. Ruth Looked Like Ginger Award for Sexpert Advice in the blogosphere goes to City Girl Blogs.

The Hallmark Award for Best Invention of a Holiday goes to National Crush Day

The Carl Lewis Sings the National Anthem Award for Shoulda Stuck to What you Know goes to All of my Attempts to Write Memes – Except this one which I thought was really good.

The James Lipton Award for Seemingly Simple but Terrifically Textured Questions goes to Megabrooke of Skrinkering Hearts who asked me “How Much is Too Much” in that interview meme that was going around at the beginning of the year.

The Infield Fly Rule Award for things you Should Know but Maybe Didn’t goes to Advice for Black Tie Galas and Capitol Hill Style’s Ball Tips and Tricks for Ladies that inspired it.

The Cowbell Award for Things I Need More of goes to Jimmy & Sophia.

The Urban Dictionary Award for Teaching me my Favorite New Phrase, Skin-Hungry, goes to I’m Gonna Break Your Heart.

The Oscar Wilde Award for Booze as Creative Lubricant goes to My Weekend as Three Rounds of Jeopardy.

The Max Roach Award for Consistently Leaving Comments Better than the Post that Inspired Them goes to my friend Brad.

The Joe Isuzu Award for Forcing Me to Be Creative with Truth goes to the Unnamed Woman Who Inspired This Post.

The Sarah Silverman Award for my Favorite New Funny and Irreverent Blogger goes to –The Fooler Initiative–.

The Don Imus Award for Unintentionally Causing Controversy goes to The Open Letter to a Few Women and the Subsequent Follow-Up.

The Snuggie Award for Ideas that Seemed Fun Conceptually but in Reality Not So Much… goes to Blog Reader Bingo.

The If Dr. Phil Wasn’t Such a Tool Award for Good Advice Given goes to A Guide to Fighting Fairly.

The Jennifer Tilly Award for Fiction Inspired by both Women and Poker goes to Playing Poker with an Old Foe.

The Donald & Ivanka Trump Award for Being Married to Each Other and Not Inflicting Themselves on Anyone Else goes to Sam & Toni.


7 Responses to And the R-Cubies Go To…

  1. LiLu says:

    Re: Brad, it is so, so true. If only he would return to us…

    The only reason you didn’t get one too, is that I couldn’t think of something sufficiently funny to merit awarding to you… and yes, Brad, needs to be back in 2010.

  2. Grace says:

    I like this list. It’s fun and a nice way to recap the year. Btw, I think you will like the post I wrote today.

    Yeah, it started as something kinda lazy but then the challenge of naming each award became great fun.

  3. brookem says:

    oh thank you for the r-cube! what an honor!

    Yes, we like you, we really, really like you.

  4. I’d like to thank the academy…..

    Top of my list for 2009 was finding a friend who is magnificent on the interwebs and even better in real life. You are flawless.

    The pleasure is mine, and Page Six wants to know who you’re wearing.

  5. citygirlblogs says:

    Thank you, thank you, Dear Refugee! I’m not sure if you realize, but you are my Brad! xoxo

    My pleasure, and thank you for that very kind compliment.

  6. metroadlib says:

    you know….i swore i wasn’t gonna cry…*damnit*

    seriously, though, thanks!
    and, btw…kudos on the unexpected use of “solipsism.” i got all tingly when i saw it in print.

    Solipsism is one of my favorite words too, and the pleasure of making your virtual acquaintance is all mine.

  7. Ahh, your fall meme was genius. Freaking loved that thing. Great awards!

    Thank you much, and I have not forgotten that it was your participation that really helped it go much further.

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