Woulda Twittered Tuesday Volume III

As you most of you all know, I steadfastly refuse to Twitter (though, I will confess to having registered the name of this blog and my real name just in case either suddenly become famous.)  As I have done in the past, the following 140 character or less thoughts, questions, statements of philosophy, etc. crossed my mind in the last week or so.

I just won a beer for my stirring and complete a’capella rendition of Slick Rick’s hip-hop classic LaDiDaDi – beat that bitches.

ME: You’re out of half-n-half you want Bailey’s in coffee instead? Old Friend: how long you known me? It’s 9am of course I want the Bailey’s

I’m going to see It’s Complicated on opening weekend because Hollywood needs to learn that women can be sexy beyond age 30.  Who’s in?

I don’t understand the people who drive in bad snow except in case of emergency: life or limb, aid of a friend, out of beer, etc.

My new Netbook is named Ada, after the woman who kept a very irritated me from walking out of Best Buy after being ignored for 30 minutes.

I spent 30hours planning 6 courses.  Ironically, the amuse bouche that I made up 20 minutes before service was the star of the night.

Regarding my last, if you ask really nicely, I just might share the recipe for Guacamole Mousse with Bacon Essence.

Regarding my last, before any of you ask, yes, I do make lots of things without bacon, but with some flavors, why would I bother?

Yes, it’s December, and we can attire ourselves lazily when many layers are involved but come on ladies, this is remedial fashion advice.

When the aforementioned tights are worn with Ugg style boots (really wish that fad would go away and die,) it is particularly unflattering.


12 Responses to Woulda Twittered Tuesday Volume III

  1. A says:

    I hadn’t realized the number for sexy had dropped to 30.

    I never thought there was a number one needed to be below.

  2. k8 says:

    That’s the first movie I’ve wanted to see in the theater for a long, long time. (The last one was I am Legend. And not only was it a stupid and pedantic film, the zombies gave me nightmares for weeks. I haven’t been back to the movies since.) Although opening weekend? No. I hate people, so that might be a little much.

    And I reserve the right to wear my tights as pants with boots while I’m scraping the ice off my windshield at midnight just so I can put the windshield cover on before MORE ice builds up. I figure if you’re out that late at night, you deserve a niiiiiiccceee long look at my ass.

    I hate people (in the aggregate) and crowds too, but I have a feeling that it won’t be too crowded for me on Friday night.

    And tights at midnight, for cleaning is not a problem. Tights on the way to or coming from the gym are not a problem. Tights as a non-functional fashion statement = big problem.

  3. Susan says:

    Want that recipe…………pretty please??

    I will give it once I have perfected it and have measurements, promise.

  4. kitty says:

    the picture you posted of streep is contrary to the “old people are sexy” comment as it is at least 10 years old.

    Actually, that picture is one of the black and white out-takes from her current cover of vanity fair.

  5. jamy says:

    I was probably going to see “It’s Complicated” on X-mas day. Is that what you had in mind? I like Streep but Baldwin is an equal draw.

    Yes, that was what I had in mind. While I do think that Ms. Streep is a very attractive woman, my larger point is to underscore the message to Hollywood that films featuring older women as a lead have an audience.

  6. dan-E says:

    absolutely yes i’d like that recipe! please?

    As soon as I have the final proportions.

  7. rahree says:

    If you twittered, I’d have found out about the Tights Are Not Pants website even sooner! Awesomeness.

    I appreciate that I should have alerted you to this awesomeness sooner, but my resolve is firm, my anti-twitter stance unwavering.

  8. Brett says:

    i will see it’s complicated because i love everyone in it.

    also, tight are not pants? oops. no wonder i got sent home from work today.

    Some lessons must be learned the hard way I suppose.

  9. Vie says:

    I love Nancy Meyers films – and when is Streep ever *not* awesome and beautiful?

    Bad snow is relative, but I love that beer was on that list of emergencies.

    And amen, re: tights. Never ever ever.

    Bad snow is a relative thing, but in a city that has no reason to equip itself for snow storms of this magnitude because they only occur once a decade or so, close to two feet is baaaaaaaad.

  10. LiLu says:

    This is why I wish you would officially join and block out some of the twerples I bitched and moaned about today.

    OK, I’ll make a deal with you – if I ever get to more followers than wines in my cellar, I will actually start twittering.

  11. elle dubya says:

    the only time i ever wear tights as pants is when it’s under 50 degrees and i’m running (on purpose) outside.

    Perfectly acceptable time to wear tights, though as a guy, I have to wait until the temperature drops below Never, before I can wear them.

  12. kitty says:

    oh, my bad. she looks great!

    However, I am sure that it has been airbrushed… juuuuust a bit.

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