The Compliment that Convinced Me

Most of my friends have never seen me without my goatee, so I am never surprised by their surprise when they see me without the facial hair that I had worn for more than fifteen years.  Of the friends who have expressed a preference, a solid but not overwhelming majority have indicated they prefer the clean shaven look.  I am still on the fence about it… or I was on until last night.

I walked into one of my locals to meet my dear friend, the Only Slightly Sleazy Lobbyist, for a drink and dinner.  Our favorite bartender greeted me with a big hug and a “Daaaayummm, you look so different without the beard.”

I was about to ask her to amplify her thoughts before she continued “I mean, you looked great before, but then you had that ‘professorial look’ now you look like his younger much hotter grad student TA who makes all the girls want to attend the study labs.”

Yeah, I’m never growing facial hair again.


10 Responses to The Compliment that Convinced Me

  1. brookem says:

    i think ive only “seen” you with with the goatee too. but i totally know what a difference it makes to go sans any facial hair. my manfriend looks 17 when he does it.

    It is still very weird not recognizing myself in the mirror.

  2. Christina says:

    I have never seen my husband without a goatee! but I have seen photos and he does have a baby face so he may look too young.

    I think a big part of the general reaction is the novelty of it all. As you have never seen your husband that way, I can almost guarantee that the novelty would be fun… at least until he grew it back.

  3. LiLu says:

    Hahaha! I absolutely concur that you do look younger… I will refrain from commenting on anything else.

    The one thing that really bugs me is that I find myself spending too much time in front of mirrors trying to get used to it. Not like “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who has the baldest face of them all?” more like it takes me an extra five seconds to wash my hands these days.

  4. kitty says:

    i was so hoping that link would be to a picture!

    so sorry to disappoint.

  5. Alice says:

    haha, that is a freaking awesome compliment!!

    about 2 weeks ago one of my bf’s coworkers was ASTONISHED to learn i wasn’t 22/23ish. at first i was flattered, but now i’m wondering if this means i just act too immature to be considered nearly 30?? because i’m pretty sure i don’t look THAT young. am now paranoid.

    It is always easiest to assume the best interpretation… and I would easily believe you at 23.

  6. I’ve always thought that men should avoid facial hair unless they have Weak Chin Syndrome.

    Based on the compliments you received, I’d say you’ve been wasting a perfectly good strong chin for years. Shame!

    Eh, I kinda liked my goatee, not sure I would call it a waste, but you may have a point.

  7. There really is something sensual about finally seeing someones lips after a decade or so.

    My goatee wasn’t quite so overgrown – I kept it rather neatly trimmed and short actually – but I get what you’re saying.

  8. Lisa says:

    I want to see you without the goatee! I am pretty opposed to facial hair, but I have to say, it looks good on you. But you have a nice face, so I’m sure you’re more handsome without it.

    You flatter me, and I look forward to seeing you soon. I promise to keep it off at least until then.

  9. Gofahne says:

    Link to a story rather than a pic was a cruel trick. Glad to hear it’s being met with rave reviews. Instant changes + unexpected compliments of that caliber = very good reasons to stay clean shaven for the forseeable future.

    Cruel trick? Really? Come on, there is nothing about this blog that suggests that I ever want that little anonymity.

  10. justjp says:

    I may shave soon, just to see what it is like.

    I can’t recommend it for anyone else, but I do enjoy it for myself.

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