The 18th is Among My Favorite Amendments

5 December 1933 was the date the United States’ failed experiment with national temperance came to a foreseeable and justifiable end.  Seventy-six years ago tomorrow, the booze which continued to flow during prohibition was finally legal again.  Bathtub gins, bootlegged whiskey, and moonshine were replaced with permissible varieties of spirits and state tax stamps.  Speakeasies flung open their doors to the public and once again a civilized society could have an adult beverage without flaunting the law.

As you proceed with your weekends, I hope you will all raise a glass of something and celebrate your ability to drink freely, well, sometimes poorly, and sometimes to excess.

Happy Repeal Day to you all.


3 Responses to The 18th is Among My Favorite Amendments

  1. Jaime says:

    Happy Repeal Day. Thank God for booze. Amen.

    A prayer well said.

  2. k8 says:

    Have fun and enjoy! I’ll be sipping my pretty sparkling cranberry juice.

    Whatever you’re drinking works just fine.

  3. laloca says:

    this always mitigated the fact that i shared a birthday with strom thurmond.

    Happy Birthday and that would mitigate that unfortunate fact.

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