Just Like You Don’t Make Bomb Jokes in Airports…

Sunday, 22 November 2009, 1:30pm

Customer Service Counter of Anonymous Big Box Retailer


RR: Good Afternoon; I need to return these earphones, please.

Retailbot: Reason for return?

RR: Well, they’re sound deadening and they work a bit too well for my liking.

Retailbot: [blink, blink]

RR: When I wear them on the street, I can’t hear cars approaching me and that seems a bit unwise.  So they work too well.

Retailbot: I can’t accept a return because it works too well.  The computer doesn’t have a box for that.

RR: OK, I understand that.  Does the computer have a box for customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction?

Retailbot: Yes, but you’re not dissatisfied.  They worked how you expected them to.  They say they’re sound deadening and they deaded the sound, right?

RR: Yes, yes, I understand what you’re saying but I assure you when I said that they “worked too well” I was just making a joke not being literal.

Retailbot: Yeah, but you said that they worked, that they did the job you expected them to do.  I can’t take a return because a product worked.

RR: I completely get what you’re saying.  It’s just that I had no idea the side effects of the product would be so… well, dangerous.  So ultimately I, the customer, am not satisfied.  So you can check that box with a clear conscious.

Retailbot: [blink, blink]

RR: Maybe we should just get your manager.


2 Responses to Just Like You Don’t Make Bomb Jokes in Airports…

  1. Jean says:

    Lol. You just can’t do that at a big box place. The store staff don’t know how to handle an idea that complex 😉

    I hate it when people prove their negative stereotypes.

  2. kitty says:

    at least you were having the conversation in person. the phone is much, much worse.

    Pretty sure that would have resulted in me hanging up and trying my luck with someone with a non-recessive humor gene.

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