Duck Confit

There is a very short list of culinary things more satisfying than duck confit.  And when I say very short list, I mean I can’t think of anything but I am allowing for the possibility.  It is “low and slow” at its finest and the kind of dish that people believe to be far more difficult than it actually is. My take on this classic dish is posted over at my recipe blog today.

And, yes, one more day of NaBloPoMo is crossed off the calendar.


2 Responses to Duck Confit

  1. Susan says:

    Will let you know how this turns out… hopefully I can fool the masses into believing I am a culinary genius.

    I am eager to learn of the results… and not just the food.

  2. citygirlblogs says:

    Between NaBloPoMo, your two blogs and your editing duties, I’m surprised that you aren’t contemplating throwing your computer out the window! Thanks for posting so much for our benefit! *Hugs*

    My pleasure, and trust me, the thought of an airborne laptop has crossed my mind once or twice.

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