Sunday Dreaming / Sunday Scheming

I adore our conversation until they end and I can’t seem to refocus my mind on anything but her for hours.  I find myself hanging mental pictures of her watching me make Sunday breakfast.  She’s wearing the French blue shirt I had the night before in the first picture.  The silver cufflinks are still hanging from her wrists as she clutches my NPR coffee mug in the corner of the kitchen.

When that image goes back to the fantasy closet of my mind it gets replaced with another scene.  I let her sleep while I pick-up clothes scattered about the floor and allow the smell of coffee and bacon to wake her.  She comes into the kitchen and wraps her arms round my waist; I close my eyes when I feel her lips on my neck.  This time she’s wearing that Agent Provacateur Dressing Gown that cost too much but was worth every penny at that moment.

Just when I think my mind is done wandering, there she is again on a Sunday morning.  As we’re getting dressed for brunch with friends, I see her in a set of knickers and a bra that I just knew was designed to make us late.  There is no more satisfying sound than the low moan of excitement… whether you’re hearing it, making it, or both.

There is something about this woman, something about Sundays, and something I’d like to know about the two together – though I doubt they’ll ever meet.


8 Responses to Sunday Dreaming / Sunday Scheming

  1. k8 says:

    I like the cufflinks picture best. It’s how I see myself.

    The picture on the blog or the picture in the words?

  2. liz says:

    subtle product placement.

    Not entirely sure how to respond to this.

  3. Vie says:

    I hope they do meet. Those are some very satisfying mental pictures.

    I’d hope so too, but I know better.

  4. lacochran says:

    Great imagery. Well, except for the bacon.

    I would have been more sensitive to my vegetarian readers, except in my imagination, the woman in the robe loves bacon.

  5. Liebchen says:

    These mental images bring to mind a few specific Sunday (or other) mornings.

    Particularly the third one.

    There is something magical about those mornings.

  6. Titania says:

    Sunday or not, this post made me think of how much I like grabbing the t-shirt, sweater, shirt, hoodie or whatever of the man with me, that one piece that is way too oversized for me, and put it on when I am feeling way too lazy (or comfy) to go get my own clothing.

    One of the few things that all men know is that a woman will always look better in any item of their clothing than they will.

  7. brookem says:

    i like when you write like this.

    thank you. I like it when I’m inspired to write like this.

  8. dan-E says:

    it could be an old worn-out t-shirt, it could be a nice button up but a woman wearing one of my shirts usually looks sexier than any piece of lingerie she might own. (though my mind is open to be proven wrong.)

    and yes, if she likes bacon that helps.

    We will never look as good as the right woman does in our clothes.

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