The One Question Meme

One of my favorite blog posts* from one of my favorite bloggers mentions getting a phone call from the bank to inquire about her credit card.  It seems that some shopping that she did was so far outside of her normal spending patterns it tripped the fraud alert.

She’s a sex-kitten rockstar type, so for her, buying groceries sent the algorithms aflutter.

What could you buy that would be so unusual that the bank would call to ask WTF?


*I would have linked but couldn’t seem to find the specific post.


4 Responses to The One Question Meme

  1. titania says:

    Can the bank know exactly what you are buying? I thought it would be more of a function of from where you are buying… As for what could I buy to make them go WTF? A sailing boat maybe?

    Yes, the banks know exactly what you’re buying. The improvement of the technology and the algorithms that analyze the data have reduced credit card fraud dramatically.

  2. Kristin says:

    I’ve had my card placed on hold because of purchases at Home Depot (for large household appliances), Build-A-Bear and None of them were mine and they all raised eyebrows. Nobody seems to blink when I’m running around the world, though.

    The computers know you well.

  3. Gilahi says:

    A Jonas Brothers CD.

    So that one you were playing the other night was a gift?

  4. Titania says:

    I agree it is a good thing that these data reduce credit card fraud; however, banks knowing everything makes me feel a bit, hmmmm, violated. What if I decide to buy sex toys online, I’d feel a bit self conscious knowing that the bank knows (call me silly).

    It all goes into a algorithm but no one (except the CIA) knows what you’re buying.

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