Doubling Down on the Hot Buttons

Since I am already in for a Pissing-People-Off-Political-Penny today, I am getting in for a Religious Pound.

The city of Washington, DC is considering legislation that would create Marriage Equality for Gays and Lesbians.  Under the proposed legislation, no church would ever be required to perform same-sex weddings, or even make their sanctuaries or other facilities available for same-sex weddings.  Churches would have to obey laws banning employment and access discrimination (but not for marriage, counseling, or other marriage related activities) against members of the LGBT community.

Fearful that this could force them to grant insurance to the husbands and wives of gay employees, the Roman Catholic Archdioceses of Washington has told the City Council that it will end the Social Service programs it runs for the city unless the law is changed.

So let me see if I’ve got this straight, Your Grace, Archbishop Wuerl, the archdiocese has a centuries long history of service to the less fortunate of this area but you’re willing to chuck a big chunk of it over this issue?  You’re all fine with Matthew 25:34-40, unless there’s gay marriage involved?  I must have missed that asterisk in the text.

So if you’re wondering why I consider myself an agnostic who’d rather spend my Sunday mornings at brunch, well that type of false piety is just one the many reasons on a pretty long list.


10 Responses to Doubling Down on the Hot Buttons

  1. viewonderingnomad says:

    This was one, of many reasons, why I fell away from my very religious upbringing.

    The list just keeps getting longer for me.

  2. Red says:

    I was raised Catholic and I have a Great Aunt that has been a nun for over 70 years plus two other Aunts that were (past tense) nuns. I have raised my daughter Catholic all the way through Confirmation.

    I’m becoming more and more ashamed to be Catholic. My Great Aunt was telling me a story about how they weren’t going to let some people into the church because of something the Catholics didn’t agree with. She got mad when I questioned this ousting.

    I’ve given my daughter a basis and now she can decided what is right and wrong because I’m not feeling the right coming from the Catholic church.

    I just want to know when the church is going to deny communion to the politicians that support the death penalty?

  3. Brando says:

    Unfortunately religious beliefs seem to more reflect the general biases of the believer rather than cause those beliefs. Religion has been used to favor or oppose war, favor or oppose gay rights, favor or oppose slavery….whatever your belief, you can find something in religion to back it.

    You are incredibly right, believers will use religion to justify any number of heinous things. They could have the courtesy to at least be consistent in their distortions.

  4. A says:

    As I’ve stated elsewhere on this particular item, I’ve never understood why the Catholic Church thinks that same-sex couples will be beating down doors to get married in a Church that so obviously hates them.

    All an exclusion would serve is to legislate more hatred. Codify it, just in case anyone has any doubts.

    I don’t know why the Catholic Church seems to think that homosexuals are the only exception to the infallibility of God that they so frequently preach.

  5. Alice says:

    hey! it’s my other apoplectic-rage-filled topic! you’re on a roll 🙂

    this issue makes me crazy because the “logic” used (by the church or anyone else) to oppose gay marriages / rights / people is so FREAKING COMICALLY flawed that i shouldn’t even have to hear it spoken in earnest, and yet trying to argue or reason with anyone holding those views is entirely futile. makes me go all mouth-frothy. can we talk about kittens tomorrow? ;-P

    Their logic is as strong as a wet Kleenex.

  6. kitty says:

    i like the tags on this one almost as much as i enjoy your soapbox. you are all.fired.up. and for legitimate reasons!

    I swear I was in a really good mood when I woke this morning.

  7. brad says:

    The Bible is human-written. So, I suppose, at least it’s consistent that people rewrite it or reinterpret it as fits their needs at the moment. That asterisk you mention is apparently written in invisible ink and between the lines; and it moves like the knob on a ouiji board — without any apparent connection to the world around it.

    You did it again – wrote a comment that was so much better than the post.

  8. Raising my glass in your honor, Refugee! Keep pushing those hot buttons (politically and otherwise)!

    A science professor and deacon at my (very liberal) church wrote a great book called Science, Scripture and Homosexuality. It addresses the hypocrisy behind how the Bible is interpreted with respect to homosexuality. It’s interesting and yet disappointing that this has become a polarizing issue for churches and cities alike. I hope for a day when that is not the case.

    It’s one thing for the Catholic Church to oppose Marriage Equality, but to be so against it that they would abandon a centuries long (and biblically mandated) commitment to the less fortunate is grotesquely offensive.

  9. titania says:

    I read about this earlier today. This made me so proud of not calling myself catholic anymore. The church is blackmailing with threats of punishing those in need if the secular government does not abide to their tantrum… And they pretend to teach about morality? nice. This makes me feel disgusted and furious

    Hypocrites and frauds. This makes me spitting-nails-angry.

  10. Karen says:

    Occasional reader here,

    This was an excellent post that I always get a kick out of reading.

    @ Alice, arguing with people like that is futile but I think that above post sums up some great rebuttals.

    Thanks for that link, it was really well put together.

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