RR-20: The Initial List

There is a new feature here that may be helpful only to you locals, but I am happy to present the RR-20.

It is a list of 20 places where I happily will spend cash at any moment.  They aren’t necessarily what I consider the best restaurants in DC and the surrounding area (though at least ten would make that list;) but they are the ones that I implicitly trust with my evenings, afternoons, and well… money.    I trust them to always be exactly what I expect them to be which is a terrific hamburger, sublime fine dining, very good sushi or anything in between.

There is certainly a bias towards places in the city (leaving the city requires more trust than going around the corner) and places that can accommodate my preferences for dining at the bar.

I am still working on a more expansive version of this list with brief reviews/summaries of what to expect at each, but I’ve wanted to incorporate this list as a component of the blog for a long time.  It will be a moveable feast with frequent additions, subtractions, and may grow by another 10 names, but this is the initial RR20.


2 Responses to RR-20: The Initial List

  1. Alice says:

    mmmmmm komiiii… my mouth is watering just thinking about it. i think they’re my #1 spot in the city as well. equinox used to be my favorite, but i haven’t eaten there in about 3 years now and i’ve heard disappointing reviews since my last visit.

    I will confess that I know both of the owners and many of the staff there… but my visits and reports from others I trust have been pretty good.

  2. f.B says:

    Ooohs and Aaahs made the list? I lived off of U for a year and never walked in. I should probably change that.

    some things travel better than others, but yeah, among the best soul food around.

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