I Know, I Wish Volume II

I know that it would be wrong, but every time I see your car taking two spaces in the parking lot, I wish I could let the air out of your tires, you entitled prick.

I know that I have too many reasons to dislike you; I wish that I didn’t still find you so attractive.

I know that I put up a great front, but I wish that it wasn’t so frequently used to mask soul shaking doubts.

I know that we used to be friends; I wish I knew what happened to us and I had the courage to ask you.

I know better than to communicate through a blog; I wish I didn’t really want to identify the subjects of the previous few lines.

I know that you’re gonna burn in hell for what you did to me; I wish that you hadn’t also robbed me of the belief in hell below and heaven above.

I know that my best days are always ahead of me; but I wish I wasn’t so wistful about years long gone.

I know that our marriage was as good of an idea as playing with matches while standing in a gasoline puddle; I still wish that we hadn’t given up quite so easily.

I know that rapid problem solving is among my greatest strengths; I wish I could direct that skill inwards.

I know that you’re in a loveless, soulless, suburban marriage that drains you with each day; I wish that you didn’t use me as an escapist excuse to indulge your inner-city-boy.

I know that you know the broad-strokes if not the details; I wish that your girlfriend would stop making a fool out of you by taking you to the scene of her crimes.


I Know, I Wish Volume I


6 Responses to I Know, I Wish Volume II

  1. titania says:

    I know it was you at the birthday party last night, I wish I had the opportunity to (really) introduce myself and chat with you before I left

    I wish you had too, and I am sure there will be other times. When that other time occurs, you’ll have to tell me how you knew.

  2. elle dubya says:

    i know that one day i’ll make it to DC, i wish it was happening sooner rather than later.

    You and me both.

  3. kitty says:

    i wish i had the courage to be as honest with myself as you are.

    It’s a lot easier to honest with a group of mostly strangers than to one’s self. I’m not sure the degree to which this is not just an example of that cognitive dissonance.

  4. It’s funny, I can write a 1000-word essay that is honest and genuine but if I lifted the premise of this post, I’d have nothing to say (laughing).

    I mean this in the most complimentary way that I can conjure – I would love to see your take on this format. Love. There might even be a food bribe involved.

  5. f.B says:

    The scene of her crimes? Jesus. Great line. But, damn.

    Among the things I learned from counseling in an effort to save my doomed marriage, is that “never embarrass your partner” is among the more primary rules of a successful relationship. Too many people know for this too be cool.

  6. […] part of the occasional and almost entirely navel-gazing I Know, I Wish series – (part I, part II for […]

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