Random Comments to Unknown People from an Imperfect Stranger

Post-It Revolution

The other day I found a Post-It Note while riding the Metro.  It brought me smile and I started leaving the occasional note for the random person.  Here are a few:

The men’s room of a bar I frequent – Just go talk to her

The Red Line Friday morning – Good moods are contagious; feel free to infect someone with your smile

The humidor of my regular cigar shop – Cigars taste better when smoked with a friend, go ahead and buy two

The table at my favorite coffeshop – There are very few problems that cannot be solved with a mostly honest explanation and some champagne

The Whole Foods grocery cart – Never be too busy to appreciate random beauty or accidental art


7 Responses to Random Comments to Unknown People from an Imperfect Stranger

  1. It’d be great if you could see the expression of the person that finds one of your notes.

    It would be a nice bonus, but a bonus that might contradict the purpose of the anonymousness of the canary yellow karma bomb.

  2. citygirlblogs says:

    Heartily concur with littlemsblogger! I was thinking (hoping?) that I come across one of these notes since I know that would make my day! Love how this has turned into the Positive Post-It Note version of Pay It Forward!

    I’ve been trying to leave a few a day just because it makes me feel good. If you come across one, hopefully it won’t be mine but that of someone else who likes the notion. I’d like it to spread.

  3. tickytalky says:

    I love this idea. I want to start leaving notes in public places now…kindness can be the best unexpected surprise

    There’s nothing proprietary about the notion of random good will.

  4. This is a such a cool idea. Though I am thinking my husband would write more along the lines of:

    On the Red Line: If you’re the fucking asshole who stole my bike last Friday, I hope the broken gears make you flip over the handlebars and break your thieving arms.

    Then, after having purged himself of his anger, he could move on to sweeter notes. 🙂

    I have a feeling that funny anger purging notes would have value and bring random smiles too.

  5. Christina says:

    You made somebody’s day at the very least. Did you get to see any reactions?

    Nope, don’t really want to see them. That would make the moment more for me, than for the karma that I hope it sends to the universe.

  6. K says:

    Oh I love it. I wish my husband were more like you. (That wish feels like it should be on a Post Secret card).

    Then I need to put you in touch with my ex-wife so she can set you straight.

  7. Michelle says:

    what an awesome idea!

    Thanks, I’ve had some fun with it.

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