No Statute of Limitations

My second to last high school football game was the single best half of football I played in my high school or college career.  We were playing one of our more heated rivals on their field.

As a defensive back, one of my favorite plays called for a corner blitz – we ran it three times.  Two quarterback sacks, and a tackle for a loss left our rivals in a pretty deep hole.  Of the eight passes the QB was able to throw, I intercepted two and my teammates grabbed two more.  On his way to the locker room for halftime, he blew a kiss to his girlfriend… I’m pretty sure we picked that off too.

The starters sat most of the second half.  We didn’t blitz on defense, or pass the ball on offense, but the final score was still 57 – 6.  Did I mention that it was their Homecoming Weekend? Yeah, it was a pretty severe beatdown.

I hadn’t thought about that day or that quarterback in a very long time.  When I walked into what I hoped would be the last meeting to ink a potential client, I still hadn’t thought about that day.  When I was introduced to their attorney, neither his name nor face rang any bells for me.

I went through my entire presentation, explained the myriad ways that I could help them launch a more successful restaurant.  As the attorney asked what my hometown was, I assumed it was just a question about my local ties to the restaurant community.  When he asked about my high school, I assumed that our paths must have crossed somewhere.

When he asked me if I played football, I was still unclear about where the conversation was headed.  He finally told me about that day, told me that we “beat [them] like a drum.” When he concluded with “we’ll call you,” I was pretty sure that call would be incomplete.


6 Responses to No Statute of Limitations

  1. That’d be a dick reason to pass someone over for a job. Hopefully he’ll think: “Hey, if this guy can do to our competition what they did to my team…”

    I am sure that it would have been different if he were interviewing me for a job rather than two organizations try to decide to do business together. If it were a job (and the situation reversed,) I would have hired him in a second… and plotted my revenge.

  2. f.B says:

    Well, that’s a pretty light in the ass reason to stop talks. Maybe he married that girlfriend, and every year around this time she reminds him that you stole that kiss. Otherwise, I have no idea. Even Bird and Magic can talk peaceably.

    Yeah, but could you see them getting into business together without every disagreement being settled by a game of H-O-R-S-E?

  3. Vie says:

    I want to believe – for your sake – that this person is not so petty. Yet the fact that he definitively remembers you twenty years later suggests he might be. Some people never really grow up. I know that football is a religion to some, but honestly…it’s only a game. One would hope it would not be taken so personally.

    Vie, you know that I heart your comments, but, yes this is a guy thing, a football guy thing to be more specific, and I really don’t think it that petty. He remembered my name more than my face despite my fervent belief that my looks haven’t changed in the intervening twenty years since our last meeting. I know that I can remember the names of the people who bested me far easier than the names of people I beat.

  4. Vie says:

    *definitively. My brain is somewhere else today.

    Eh, I don’t copy editing mistakes against people.

  5. Alice says:

    there are totally people from highschool i would hesitate to do business with for lingering petty reasons. however, those reasons were more like “they treated me like shit because they were popular,” not “they beat me at a game once.” also: i’d probably never recognize people from highschool anyway. i keep getting in trouble for that, actually.

    I would argue that some beatdowns might qualify under your rules.

  6. If he is still obsessing over that one game, you are better off not having to deal with him now. I imagine he would be a nightmare to work with. It wasn’t like you had anything personal against him. You team was playing his team. Some people never got out of high school. I suppose that is just one more area you beat him at.

    I’m not so sure that I might not have held such a grudge had he been John S***********, my third grade nemesis. So, not sure I beat him at all.

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