Can Post-It Notes Change the World?

postit note

I hope you have a great evening and decide to forward some random kindness in the world.

I found this note on the Metro yesterday, and I began to wonder “what can we accomplish with post-it-notes?”  I don’t know that answer; but I did go buy a pack of em’.

If you were going to leave a note to a random stranger, what would it say?


19 Responses to Can Post-It Notes Change the World?

  1. Jaime says:

    call your mother

  2. Jo says:

    When I lived in France I once found a post it stuck to a telephone pole that said “La Vie Est Belle” (life is beautiful). Oddly enough that one little post it really affected me and made me realize I should stop and appreciate life a little more. I’ll always thank whoever wrote that note.

  3. Brando says:

    “Dont’ even think about it.”

  4. Christina says:

    You are in this world for a reason….don’t mess it up

  5. Titania says:

    (1) “Chew with you mouth shut”
    (2) “don’t look at me, I didn’t do it”

  6. Smile. Say thank-you. Trust me it won’t kill you.

  7. shine says:

    Did you watch Dead Like Me? It was a TV show about grim reapers. They got all of their “assignments” on yellow post-it notes. Now I can’t see one without thinking about that.

  8. A says:

    Everything’s gonna be alright.

  9. hi there sugarbaby

  10. rahree says:

    you are a gift.

  11. We’re all in this together.

  12. kitty says:

    take my advice, and please, don’t buy an HP.

  13. Brett says:

    someone loves you. more than you know.

  14. Kristin says:

    We all exist as we are and that is enough (with thanks to Walt)

  15. Kristin says:

    A friend pointed out sugar packets in Botswana, packets with quotes, that made me think, much like the Post-It.

    Mine said, “Just be what you are and speak from your guts and heart – it’s all a person has.”
    ~ Hubert H. Humphrey

    I still carry it in my pocket.

  16. Gofahne says:

    It’s never too late to be who you might have been. – George Eliot

  17. […] other day I found a Post-It Note while riding the Metro.  It brought me smile and I started leaving the occasional note for the random person.  Here are […]

  18. Let it be. There will be an answer.

  19. Thank you, all, for your wonderful suggestions. I’ve burned more than a few of them into my brain for future use (only The Blonde One could get away with “Hey, Sugar Baby.)

    I hope a few of you will keep some Post-It notes handy in case the mood strikes you.

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