An Argument in Favor of Newspapers… and an Answer to a Question in a Meme

My friend, The Foggy Dew, and I have had a number of, ahem, spirited discussions about the future of journalism and the necessity of newspapers.  Perhaps the best argument I can make in favor of reading actual newspapers is that you occasionally read an article that caught your eye on paper but might never have caught your mouse on a computer screen.

This Sunday I came to the section of the Washington Post that I normally ignore – wedding/engagement/anniversary announcements (high society porn just isn’t my kinda thing, but I do think that Diamond & Golden Anniversaries are newsworthy.)  The Post has added a more expansive feature to this section, On Love, that tells the story of one couple each week.

By Marvin Joseph - The Washington Post

By Marvin Joseph - The Washington Post

Something about this picture made me read the accompanying story.

As I reached the end of the story, the woman sitting across from me on the Metro offered me a tissue.  I was grateful for that small act of kindness and civility and very grateful for a real newspaper in my hand.


11 Responses to An Argument in Favor of Newspapers… and an Answer to a Question in a Meme

  1. carrie m says:

    I feel like this random story of mine is semi-related, although somewhat gross. Accept my apologies ahead of time…my dog is having some…erm…digestive issues which has facilitated putting down newspapers at night b/c she doesn’t always get me up when she needs to go out. Last night, after being gotten out of bed unpleasantly on the later side of the evening, I was laying out Sunday’s paper on the floor. I was not happy at all and stressed that my dog wasn’t feeling well. But in the middle of being pissed/stressed, I stopped with the Travel section because of a really cool picture and a few lines that talked about an inn/B&B that has little light pollution so it’s great for star viewing. I saved that bit of the paper to read when I was more awake. I never would have come across that on my own on the or even gone looking for stargazer friendly hotels.

    Maybe it’s not a *great* story per se, but it felt appropriate considering the topic. Sorta. Or maybe that I’m tired has clouded my judgment.

    Exactly appropriate – we need real newspapers and finding the random story we would never see online is but one of the reasons they’re so important.

  2. Shannon says:

    I get the Post delivered every morning. It’s my routine and I wouldn’t my enjoy Sunday mornings with coffee and a screen.

    That said, the Post redesign is dreadful. Just awful. Like a low-rent Wall Street Journal, complete with cheesy illustrations of the columnists.

    Don’t even get me started on that garish, journalistic version of bordello decor make-over they’ve done. I am really not happy.

  3. Every paper has at least one gem buried beneath all of the other crap. This was a particularly good one.

    Thank you, and I like to think that there are more than one gem per day – that would be too depressing.

  4. A says:

    Interesting that one medium made the story possible to find (paper) and another made it possible to share (electronic).

    That is the lovely part of the electronic age – the reach, the interconnectedness of a divergent world. But I will always want my paper.

  5. Alice says:

    oh, that IS a sweet article. and it’s funny – i NEVER look at that section online, but ALWAYS read it in a real paper.

    One without the other leaves us all a bit poorer.

  6. Liebchen says:

    That story really was beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. I don’t get the Post, and so, probably wouldn’t have come across it.

    My pleasure to share it.

  7. brookem says:

    way to make a girl cry.
    thanks for sharing this.

    Yeah, I cried too, but at least you did it in privacy. I was on the Subway.

  8. Michelle says:

    look at you, you big softie! Must be due to attending the big pbandtuna wedding event!

    I would dispute any contention of the existence of a softer side of my gruff exterior.

  9. K says:

    Thank you for sharing that story! What a great way to break a morning of monotony in a cubicle.

    I am completely in favor of real, paper newspapers. I love them, you can hold them and fold them up and take them with you, read them outside – I’m not one to be attached 24/7 to an electronic device. Staring at a computer screen makes me dizzy, and trying to sort through an online newssite with thousands of options and ads makes me even dizzier.

    I do think that one day we will all have a Kindle like device that we function as a newspaper – but we are a ways away from the technology being low enough in cost to for that day to be anytime soon.

  10. Vie says:

    That was a beautiful story – and an excellent argument for reading physical newspapers. Thank you for sharing this.

    It was my pleasure to share. I don’t expect anyone who doesn’t read newspapers now to suddenly start, but I wish they all would.

  11. […] Style.  The stories of meeting and courtship quickly became mandatory reading for me.  I have blogged about being affected by that section, been frustrated by stories that made me think “Why the fuck did they getting married?” and […]

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