Sunday Afternoon Soundtrack

I received a most flattering email from the author of the Skrinkering Hearts blog.  My virtual friend and Good Hair connoisseur, Megabrooke, is looking for new music for the Fall and Winter.  I was assigned to make recommendations for a Sunday Afternoon Soundtrack that would move her a bit outside of her Indie comfort zone – ten songs or three albums. I went with music that I am guessing will be new to her if not the market place.  All of these songs are available as singles through Amazon, Kazaa, or one of the other music joints.  I included links to free versions though YouTube wherever possible.

  1. Tito Puente’s version of Lush Life is not the best version of the song – that can only be Coltrane & Hartman.  His version, however, is a most danceable and romantic rendition of the classic.
  2. Gil Scott Herron’s tribute to Billie Holiday and John Coltrane, Lady Day & John Coltrane, is perhaps overshadowed by the more famous and equally compelling The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.  But the homage is, to my way of thinking the best example of the spoken word/jazz hybrid movement.
  3. Not being from DC I doubt that you’ve had much exposure to my city’s homegrown musical genre, Go-Go.  The style was created by Chuck Brown who cobbled together the remains of discarded jazz and left over funk, infusing heavier percussions and horns and the music was born.  His rendition of the jazz standard Stormy Monday still rocks my world and makes me look for a dance floor.
  4. I know that I’ve mentioned my love of the movie The Thomas Crowne Affair and its soundtrack before.  If you missed the prior superlatives or I was insufficiently articulate to propel you to listen or purchase, I hope that repetition will tip the scales.  The first song on the album is Windmills of My Mind by Sting, a song which was never released on any other album and might be the sexiest song he has ever recorded…
  5. …the third song is Everything by Wasis Diop and words fail to explain the silken rhythms that will caress your ear.
  6. I fell in love with Cassandra Wilson’s music at a 1996 concert at the 9:30 Club.  She was awash in a faint blue light and played with a quintet that was equally compelling.  After listening to her version of Time After Time, you might fall in love with the richness of her voice too.
  7. Most jazz & hip-hop fusions tend to be dominated by one style or the other and create a generally shitty rendition of both.  Guru’s first Jazzmatazz album is an exception to that.  Listen to the track Trust Me and perhaps you will take the title’s advice about music.
  8. Prince & George Clinton did a duet.  Could it be called anything other than We Can Funk?  Does anything more need to be said?
  9. I once wrote in this space that it is one of the great mysteries of the world that Eva Cassidy dies at thirty-five but Sick (typo but I’m keeping it) Cheney lives.  Her version of Autumn Leaves is, in my mind, the definitive version of the classic.
  10. Montreal’s Jazz Festival is arguably the world’s best (sorry Nawlins, your festival is more blues these days) and George Benson’s recording of Take 5 at the festival is one of the most electrifying examples of jazz guitar ever recorded.

6 Responses to Sunday Afternoon Soundtrack

  1. elle dubya says:

    one of the best gifts i have ever received was eva cassidy’s entire collection. your selections are spot on.

  2. k8 says:

    All new to me! I’ll be youtubing all night tonight!

    As I know you like to dance, I do hope you seek out Tito Puente’s Lush Life too as it is a truly wonderful song to take a turn around the dancefloor.

  3. Yet another item to add to the weekend to do list: Look up and listen to every song on Restaurant Refugee’s mix.

    Thanks for sharing the music love.

    It was my pleasure, please let me know if there is anything on there that moves more or less than the others.

  4. brookem says:

    Oh this is the perfect Fall weekend to try these tunes out! Love Eva Cassidy. Thank you so much for this my friend.

    It really was my pleasure, and I note again, I remain flattered by the request.

  5. kitty says:

    sign me up for this kind of Sunday afternoon.

    What else goes with this kind of Sunday for you? Are you listening to this music on an iPod while you’re out and about doing something else? Are you listening to it while in the house? Come on, tell me more?

  6. Michelle says:

    Well, guess what. Your meme might possible go viral! A blog that features a new meme every Sunday just picked your meme up from my blog.
    Check this out:

    How fun!

    I saw the pingbacks. Thanks for playing along and getting noticed. We can only hope that it goes viral… now I have to start the October version.

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