Gaining Time / Wasted Time

There are much bigger cities than DC but with more than seven million people in the city and surrounding areas I still find it oddly charming when I randomly encounter a friend in public.  I had the pleasure of that random encounter last night when I met my friend Tracy on the subway.  We’re drinking partners more than friends but I really enjoy her company.

We hadn’t seen each other in a few months so we did the quick catch-up thing over the two stop ride we shared.  It was all too brief so I invited her to join me for a drink shortly before my stop.

“I can’t; I’d love to but I’m leaving in early in the morning for a family wedding in Ottawa” she said.

“You’re Canadian?” I asked, my surprise not hidden.

“How long have you known me, Refugee?  You didn’t know that I’m from Canada”

“Exactly my point- I’ve known you all these years and I’ve missed so many opportunities to make fun of you.”


3 Responses to Gaining Time / Wasted Time

  1. A says:

    No idea what you’re laughing about.

  2. shine says:

    Oh, how I love to make fun of my Canadian friends.

    But Cananda? Made Ryan Reynolds…

  3. HA! You’re just all pissed that we have health care.

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