Blog Reader Bingo

Blog Reader Bingo

Simple rules: when blog posts appear in your reader that have the following themes or contain the items listed, mark your box and include a link.  The first person to send me an email or comment with their winning card has way too much time on her/his hands but will receive a gift to be named later.






Navel gazing Post Ended a relationship Started a relationship “Dude, I was so wasted!” Link to a major newspaper
Bi-curios or bi sexual experience I just got a new ________ and I look fantastic in it Use of the word blogosphere or blogiverse without irony A weekend summary that’s not navel gazing Contains song lyrics
New post from someone who hasn’t posted in a month or more A meme so interesting that you want to do it A post so mind numbingly dumb you are forced to end the relationship with the blog Tear jerker Includes an invented word that you plan to include in your vocabulary
Contains a link to a new (to you) blog that is dipped in awesome sauce TMI and not on a Thursday Cheating partner Guest post Post from a blogger you used to date and whose blog you really should have stopped reading
A post that makes you want to date the author A conversation that is written in script format A blistering rant about an intractable problem An annoyingly high number of multiple posts on the same day Contains a flaming comment

Wanna play along with readers at your joint? Feel free to repost, but please give a courtesy link.  The person for whom that statement was written knows exactly who he is.


9 Responses to Blog Reader Bingo

  1. lacochran says:

    Can we add:

    “Same exact reaction to last week’s headline that was already provided by hundreds of other bloggers”

    “Nobody likes me but it’s totally them not me”

    “*geek alert* I just watched ______”

    or would that make the game too easy?

    Exactly, I didn’t want it to be too easy.

  2. Lisa says:

    Sadly, there is no way I will play this anytime soon, but I love the idea.

    Also, I was looking at the 04 (if that’s how you identify Bingo boxes) box, and thinking how glad I am to never have dated a blogger. And then thinking, boy, I know there are at least a couple people who kept reading my blog post-breakup…and at some point I had that post that I debated on and then posted, because it was my blog, after all.

    Sorry to go on and on. It made me think.

    I understand that feeling. I also laugh at myself for having made the mistake.

  3. littlemsblogger says:

    I’d also like to add blogs that post pictures from a magazine with no personalization — not even one single caption. [Note: If I wanted to look at pics in a magazine, I’d buy one].

    Personal favorite of your list is “An annoyingly high number of multiple posts on the same day”. This drives me insane

    Using anything without attribution is lame with a side order of diced weak.

  4. carrie m says:

    This is awesome. As I’m reading each square, I’m mentally thumbing through the rolodex in my head remembering posts from all kinds of blogs (not just mine!) that fit each category.

    Anything in your blog reader also works.

  5. What a great idea, Refugee! Can’t wait to see who gets Bingo first! PS I *probably* have your TMI box covered.

    It would be ethically difficult for me to participate in a game of my own creation, however if I were to play, yup your entry would have checked that box for me.

  6. kitty says:

    this would be easier as fb status messages, but then again, maybe too easy.

    that would give too unfair an advantage to people who are prolific facebook users.

  7. girlofwords says:

    This is pretty awesome. This harkens back to my days of having to cover political speeches and making the ever-present “buzzword bingo” boards.

    I actually got the idea when I was having lunch at one of my regular bars when the bartender showed me her “Shift Bingo.” It was a really hot Monday on a patio so my buddy and I were pretty much her only customers. So we rewrote the incredibly lame shift bingo into something much more interesting than 0-4 =Cobb Salad.

  8. elle dubya says:

    O-4 was nailed today. damn reader…

    I am sure you had a few others too…

  9. Jean says:

    Ha! That’s awesome. You made me smile 🙂

    Thanks… and making you smile makes me happy.

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