In Seven Days… Do You Know Where Your Drink Will Be?

31 July 2009


This blog began because of an urgent need to purge something painful anywhere and the whole world seemed like a logical choice at the time.  More than a year later it has become the source for more than a few friendships, a couple of … ahem, interesting dates, and a few people I can’t imagine my life without.  So when two people in that last group told me they wanted to throw a bloggy happy hour, I endorsed the notion wholeheartedly and joined the merry band to host the shin dig.

Next Friday at 7pm we’d love it if you joined us for drinks and shenanigans at Evolve.

Leave a comment, post this picture, or just drop me an email ( to let us know you’ll be attending.  When you arrive just look for the group with the loudest and most raucous members – that will be us.  If that fails, just look for LiLu who’ll be wearing a tiara.