Midlife Non-Crisis

29 July 2009

The Disgruntled Citizen of the World, otherwise known as Valerie, the author of the When I Become Queen Blog, is having a Midlife Crisis.  Hers is primarily related to music but I can relate on so many levels.  What began as a comment on her post has morphed into full on rant…

I am a late 30 something and exist, rather proudly for the record, on the other side of the generation gap. Lady Gaga could walk into the coffee shop where I am writing and slap me with impunity as I could neither pick her from a mug book nor identify a single one of her songs.  I generally lament the state of contemporary music and have happily severed my relationship with it with few exceptions.  I have simply decided that my time is better spent further exploring the brilliance of Coltrane, Marvin Gaye, Sinatra, and Nancy Wilson’s of the world than finding the gems among the screeching, preening, self congratulatory artists that would lay claim to their collective mantle.

I detest reality television (Top Chef being the notable exception) and brag about never having seen a single minute of American Idol.

I loathe current comedy which, to my taste, has descended into a morass of fart jokes and gross-out humor. I’ve seen every episode of Frasier (thanks to Lifetime’s reruns) and ponder if there will ever be a spiritual successor to the brilliantly pithy and wryly told stories of the Crane brothers, et al.

When forced to send text messages, I ostentatiously and unapologetically use semi colons and parentheticals. I refuse to date women who send me more than two “LOL’s” per week regardless of the medium. I will not Twitter, Facebook*, or subscribe to any other self-important social medium (though I readily acknowledge the irony of my blogging.)

I don’t begrudge anyone, especially my friends on the other side, the indulgences I reject.  I happily visit them at places like Recessions where I’ve been known to down spectacularly large mugs of Miller Lite and sing karaoke.  As the saying goes, some of my best friends are younger than me.  I don’t consider myself any wiser, more sophisticated, or better than them… just older and with occasionally differing tastes – tastes that reflect my version of life on this side.

I am happy here and have one hundred percent confidence that, for me, the grass is greener, the bourbon richer, and the women more interesting from this vantage of the generational fence.


You know it is Wednesday and I took my turn as contributing editor at DC Blogs. Go on check out that which moved me more than most this past week.

The following excerpt is one that I wanted to include but the Executive Editor and I ultimately agreed was a bit much for DC Blogs.  It certainly deserves your attention, however, if you’re not already hip:

It took me several years to fully understand the lyrics to the Ready for the Word song Digital Display.  If I had this handy instructional post from City Girl’s Blog, my accent on the learning curve would have been much faster –  Finger Licking Good-Part III contains explicit material.