Housecleaning Friday…

My new favorite text message: “It’s 5:30; do you know where you’re drink is?”


The republicans are right: It is about time that Latinas end their long history of oppressing white men in this country.


All of the people who complained about the disproportionate coverage of MJ’s death were right: the media never obsesses over the death of some people except the Billings, Joan Benet, Natalee Holloway, or too many other people to name.


Even though I swore I wouldn’t return to Bar Dupont unless it was at the end of a Bayonet (apparently the end of a well wielded mascara wand was equally effective,) I went back recently and can confirm that it still sucks more than a hooker or a Hoover.


I just found another reason to love a Canuck.  Margaret Wente may be a partisan ideologue but she sure is funny.


When Screen on the Green was cancelled, I wrote this post questioning the existence of philanthropy and the moral bearings of the über wealthy.  Well SOG is back, and Richard Branson is doing a good turn too.  Virgin Festival is free this year – this almost makes up for that that reality television show he inflicted on the public back in 2004.


Dear Chef from last night, my food ought not be a mini statue to your ego.  If I have to knock it down before I can eat it, you’re really just pissing me off.  I know that there are some people (usually with more money than good sense) who are easily impressed by the excessively whimsical aerosol spray in the mouth of a course – but do know that their numbers were small before the economic downturn and they are dwindling fast.  Rule of thumb – cook to satisfy the soul, the palette, and the eye in that order.


To everyone that keeps asking about my Old Man, thank you again for your kind wishes and words.  He is rehabbing well and getting his ass kicked at backgammon by the home healthcare nurse that I love.


10 Responses to Housecleaning Friday…

  1. Fearless says:

    If ever you wanted to use the word “harpy” again on your blog, it should have been in reference to dear Mags Wente. I’m breaking out in hives as I write this.

    Ya know, even those with whom we frequently disagree can still write something that makes ya laugh. Though you should feel free to utilize the word harpy as much as you like.

  2. lacochran says:

    I agree with you on towers of food. I’ve had too many trussed up salads. Weird.

    When I see dishes with that kind of height, it really does make my appetite evaporate.

  3. rahree says:

    glad to hear that your dad’s on the mend enough for the nurse to deny him a backgammon pity win – that’s good stuff!

    Dad’s a really good backgammon player, she’s just better. Though I am fairly certain that he would be more angered by a pity victory than ego harming losses.

  4. kitty says:

    kind of wish i had a 5:30 texter like you!

    I’m sure that you could be that texter for someone else.

  5. Lazygal says:

    1. Wente’s one of my favorite columnists (I’ll admit it: I’m a Globe&Mail addict)

    2. Our “celebration of death” culture needs to change. But then, our entire celebrity-as-hero/role model culture needs to change.

    3. Glad to hear about your dad. Wish I had a real human (instead of my iPhone) to kick my ass at backgammon.

    Speaking of our culture of celebrity… I recall a Walter Cronkite interview in which he said that “News operations used to be about telling the public what they needed to now, not what they wanted to know. News used to be the domain of the adults in the room. I miss those days.”

  6. Sara says:

    David Sedaris has a hilarious chapter in “me talk pretty one day” about eating out in NYC and comments about chefs evidently having no where to go with their food but up. Vertical only impresses me if it involves a mountain.

    Like other vertical things that impress, height in food has to have purpose and be executed well.

  7. Vie says:

    Oh, Republicans…

    And, seriously, it’s not just MJ. It’s been every celebrity with a torrid past. Seriously, did we really need to hear about Anna Nicole Smith for a whole month a couple of years ago? So unnecessary…but it speaks to the shallow side of human nature that the visual media tries to appeal to a bit too much for me. It makes me feel seriously disillusioned.

    In a strange way, I think John Stewart is the spiritual successor to Walter Cronkite on this score – telling us what we need to know more than what we want to know.

  8. Wait a sec- You need reasons to love Canucks? C’mon man, we rule!

    I need a reason to love anyone, but yes, you Canucks give more than most.

  9. Titania says:

    What are you talking about? I love the idea of Latinas oppressing white men in this country…

    I got no issues there.

  10. f.B says:

    “this almost makes up for that reality television show he inflicted on the public back in 2004”

    Right. “Almost.”

    Hahaha, yes, like a free margarita at Lauriole Plaza almost makes up for the fact that you’re drinking it a Lauriole Plaza.

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