Ain’t Nothing but a Family Thing – Update

Thank you to all of the people who sent my father and me kind wishes through your comments, emails, and other means too.  Dad is rehabbing as comfortably as a cantankerous old man can, and I am dealing with the sundry issues that accompany our troubled relationship and his illness as well as I can reasonably hope.

I have been back to see him twice and look forward to writing the second part of Ain’t Nothing but a Family Thing soon.

Thank you again for all of your good thoughts and wishes – they were felt from wherever you were sending them.


5 Responses to Ain’t Nothing but a Family Thing – Update

  1. lacochran says:

    With my mother’s last trip to the hospital, I knew she was fine once she started complaining. 🙂 Glad things went reasonably well.

  2. LiLu says:

    I’m glad he came through it okay; even gladder that it was in time for you to make it to good friends and libations on the 4th. Wishing his the speediest of recoveries. xoxo

  3. NATUI says:

    Sorry I’ve missed out on all of this. Glad to read you are both coming out of this okay.

  4. Kristin says:

    Sorry I’ve been out of touch and so sorry to hear about the emotional draining. You’re a good guy.

  5. Titania says:

    Just catching up on my reader reading… Glad to hear your dad is doing better, please keep us updated. Hugs, and as we say in Chile, “Paz-ciencia”.

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