The Summer Meme – Answering my own Questions

7 July 2009
  1. You’re about to get into the Cash Cab in NYC.  You can choose any two or three people (from your actual life) to be with you.  Name the people with you and why? I would want my friend Uptown J who merits inclusion as the one of the smartest people I know and the only person who routinely beats me at Trivial Pursuit.  The Professor would balance the team with incredible knowledge of history and literature.  I would also take those two people because you have to really like the people who are going to help you drink away the winnings; and they’re both excellent drinking partners.
  2. The TV gods have appeared before you in the form of a burning remote.  They instruct you to select any canceled television show to be returned to the airwaves.  You do, however, have to make your case to them.  What show, what’s your argument in favor? Sports Night had brilliant writing, nuanced acting, and intriguing plotlines that didn’t lean too heavily on romance – requited or otherwise.  It was one of those shows that was too smart for enough of the public to embrace and too clever for the suits at ABC to support.
  3. It’s not summer in DC (or your city of origin, or your favorite city if you wish) without _______________? A concert at Wolftrap, movie night at Screen on the Green, late night at the museums that stay open for the residents to enjoy after tourists have bedded down for the night, Shakespeare in the Park, Crabs on the Bay.
  4. The best summer accessory in your repertoire is? My picnic basket.
  5. It took you a while to get on board with the _______________ trend but once you did, you don’t know how you lived without it. I can’t believe that I lived so long without an MP3 player – I got my first one two months ago.  Ten years ago I was also the last guy in my company to get a Palm Pilot and have no idea how I lived without that for so long.
  6. The song to which you are embarrassed to admit that you know all of the words is? Brtiney Spears – Toxic
  7. Your favorite memory of summer is? The last summer when I did all of the things in question number three was also the summer when I grilled with friends just about every night and took six weeks vacation.  It  was far too long ago, but I recall that summer with great fondness.
  8. The memory you would love to create this summer is? I need another beach memory; it’s been far too long since I have spent some time with sand in my toes, and a Mai Tai in my hand.
  9. According to Confucius, real knowledge exists in the understanding of what one doesn’t know.  What don’t you know? I don’t know much about physics.  I know enough about certain genres of art to enjoy them (classical music, opera, impressionist art, etc.) but not always enough to explain why.  I can do all manner of things in the kitchen, but don’t know how to make a decent pot of rice to save my life.  I don’t know how to deliver truth to attraction but not interest.  I know that the universe of things I don’t know will never be smaller than that which I know, nor will I ever stop trying to shrink it.
  10. What question do you wish were included in this meme? This question is not really applicable since I wrote the meme, however, I will say that I wish that the meme had been just a bit lighter.  As I write my own answers, I realize that it is harder than I anticipated it to be.