The Summer Meme

6 July 2009
  1. You’re about to get into the Cash Cab in NYC.  You can choose any two or three people (from your actual life) to be with you.  Name the people with you and why?
  2. The TV gods have appeared before you in the form of a burning remote.  They instruct you to select any canceled television show to be returned to the airwaves.  You do, however, have to make your case to them.  What show, what’s your argument in favor?
  3. It’s not summer in DC (or your city of origin, or your favorite city if you wish) without _______________?
  4. The best summer accessory in your repertoire is?
  5. It took you a while to get on board with the _______________ trend but once you did, you don’t know how you lived without it.
  6. The song to which you are embarrassed to admit that you know all of the words?
  7. Your favorite memory of summer is?
  8. The memory you would love to create this summer is?
  9. According to Confucius, real knowledge exists in the understanding of what one doesn’t know.  What don’t you know?
  10. What question do you wish were included in this meme?