Breaking-Up Via Blogpost

Dear Tony,

I know that our relationship is only five months old, and I know that you don’t have that much experience with long term relationships.  I am so sorry to have to end things this way – via an open letter to you, and on the internet no less.  But I owe you some sort of explanation for why you haven’t seen me for a while and won’t see me for some time.

You violated a cardinal rule of relationships – not just ours – but of every relationship.  You should understand that in long term relationships you don’t do what you did to me – someone who you know, you know to have walked that same road, someone who gives to you and treats you well.  But you don’t treat anyone whose name you know that way.

So Tony if you’re wondering why I don’t hold up your bar anymore – it’s because you charged me, one of your regulars, the guy who routinely leaves you a twenty on a twelve buck tab, an industry guy to boot, you charged me for a fucking soda water, you charged me for water… with bubbles.  Are you fucking kidding me?  Bartenders should know better, and you’re no longer one of mine.


Restaurant Refugee


9 Responses to Breaking-Up Via Blogpost

  1. rondamarie says:

    oh my, I just started bar tending. Note to self: Don’t charge for soda water. Thanks.

    Let me be more clear: If you know a regular’s name, don’t charge for soda water. If you know someone to be in the service industry, don’t charge for soda water. If you know someone to be a generally good person who tips you well, don’t charge for soda water. If you want someone to return to your bar, don’t charge them for soda water.

    If you think someone is an arse, feel free to charge for soda water. If someone is in anyway rude to you or other guests, feel free to charge for soda water. If you think it is a justifiable charge given that soda water cost the organization the same as the regular water that is given away for free, feel free to charge for soda water.

  2. SERIOUSLY?????
    A soda water for a reg? That’s a NO FLY ZONE to any bartender worth their weight.
    I’d have been totally pissed.

    A regular who is in the industry no less… yeah that’s just so wrong

  3. Fearless says:

    Have you considered counseling?

    This was an act of gross negligence or done with malice and either is grounds for severing a relationship without counseling.

  4. LiLu says:

    You know that I know that that is a 100% dealbreaker.

    I never charged ANYONE for soda water… unless they seriously pissed me off. And even then, I felt a little guilty. THAT’S how much of a dick move it is.

    Lilu, you said it best.

  5. NATUI says:

    Damn. Good on you for breaking up. And for giving us a glimpse of bartender etiquette. I love hearing stories from the other side.

    To be clear, if you are sitting at a table and your server charges you for soda water, s/he may not have a choice. A bartender, on the other hand, is a real prick (or you are) if s/he charges for soda water.

  6. f.B says:

    So, serious question: from my outside perspective looking in… may I exercise the same level of disdain if this happens to average-patron-me? I don’t have any of your cred but I certainly don’t want to be charged for water.

    Yes, you may if your bartender knows you’re name. If you’re a regular, you may also get you’re gander up.

  7. brookem says:

    oooh that’s a kick in the balls right there.
    the breakup is the right course of action here. especially because to me, this isn’t even something that i’d want to waste my time addressing with said bartender. if they’re that lame to do it, i wouldn’t have it in me to try and “talk it out.”
    bottom line, it’s not okay.
    rebound bar!

  8. dan-E says:

    yeah, that was a bush league but are you sure this wasn’t some mistake? maybe he was weeded or something.

    by the way, love blanton’s. i can still remember my first glass (neat, with a splash of water).

  9. girlofwords says:

    Wow. I’m not even in the service industry and know that’s major fail.

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