Things I Would Tweet This Tuesday Were I to Twitter

What is the appropriate etiquette when crossing paths with someone you have only met online through a dating site?

What’s the best way to respond when seeing a former lover in the lobby of her apartment building in the morning?

Why do some restaurants insist upon serving me cold bricks of butter that are more useful for building tableside forts than buttering bread?

In my closet, there are suits, great suits, and suits to wear when you’re going to run into an ex.  I wore the latter on Friday.

Screen on the Green has been cancelled and this DC summer will not be the same.

Go to Granville Moore’s now – like right now, before Chef Teddy Folkman appears on the Next Food Network Star.

Accidental Irony is 2.6 times funnier than Intentional Irony

Sunday – Funday, nuff said, wish you were there; and to the four siblings from Peoria, it was lovely drinking with you.

Any decent bartender can keep your glass filled; a great bartender keeps your secrets too.  I’ll miss you K.

Three days and counting…

Really what was so outrageous? Smart, literate, interesting, likes art, food, and drink, curious, mature, and gets me: that’s not too much to ask.

I suck at responding to comments and promise to be better.


9 Responses to Things I Would Tweet This Tuesday Were I to Twitter

  1. girlofwords says:

    Thanks for the love. 🙂 Were I not an incurable smartass, with a 12-year-old boy as an inner child, you may have never found that.

    That really was a brilliant oversight on their part, and thanks for telling us about it.

  2. Jamie says:

    “What’s the best way to respond when seeing a former lover in the lobby of her apartment building in the morning?”

    Look confused, and then say, “I thought this place looked familiar! Too bad I didn’t remember that before I signed the lease. Oh well, see you around.” Then walk away.

    Were it in fact my building, that might have been an option.

  3. Shannon says:

    No Screen on the Green? That leaves an enormous hole in my summer.

    The Life of Red offers a reasonable if not quite as convenient alternative

  4. ella says:

    so then start tweeting 😀

    No way, no how, not gonna happen.

  5. I think you’d have to abbreviate some of those pretty drastically! 🙂

    I checked them all – with exceptions they are under 140 characters.

  6. Fearless says:

    I share your reluctance to Tweet, despite the peer pressure. And no, your list is not outrageous, not by a longshot.

    I don’t think Tweeting is evil or banal, inherently, just that most of the people use it in those ways.

  7. f.B says:

    “Funday?” A purposeful Stevie reference…?

    Any and all Stevie references are always deliberate.

  8. Lisa says:

    I’m anti-Twitter. And I thought your list was a good one.

    Also, my response to people met on dating sites tended towards: squint eyes, remember how I knew them, flinch, say hello, flee. Not the most graceful, so no helpful answer for you.

    My visceral reaction was more of a “I dodged a bullet with you because you are nothing like your pictures.”

  9. Sara says:

    I have sincerely missed your blog.

    Thank you, I have missed writing it too. I am always flattered when a blogger for whom I have particular regard reads mine.

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