Why Is There Still Debate


The best argument is always the most simple argument. 


4 Responses to Why Is There Still Debate

  1. tutugirl1345 says:

    Yes. Just simply yes.

  2. f.B says:

    Every soldier should be allowed to have a story, if he or she so desires. The policy that those stories can only be told, however, if there is no mention of sexuality has been stifling.

  3. It’s ridiculous. Beyond ridiculous. Why do we even give a shit what people do in their own bedrooms? WHY? For a people that consider themselves so “advance” some of us can sure be fucking stupid.

  4. Titania says:

    I remember a while ago walking my dog at the Congressional Cemetery, I bumped into the place where a gay soldier was buried. It said something of this sort: “They gave me a medal for killing a man, and they took it away for loving another”. It really impressed me.

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