Happy Crush Day

What do I mean Happy Crush Day?  

Now that we have that settled I am writing an open letter to my crushes.

Reann Allen, congratulations on winning the George Mason University Homecoming Queen Crown and for giving it new and double entendred meaning.  I have a huge crush on you and all of the students who voted to make a Queen the Queen.

Rachel Maddow, I know you didn’t mean it when you took out the Restraining Order.  I know that you were just trying to show me some affection, and I still have a wicked crush on you.

Cassandra Wilson, whenever you want to sing to me just let me know.  My musical crush on you will never fade.

Pink – you are an odd Crush choice, but I have one on you nonetheless – mostly because you wrote a beautiful letter to our last president.  Perhaps you will be able to write another to our new Commander in Chief.

Speaking of President Obama…

Dear Mr. President, I totally have an intellectual crush on you.  In the perfectly acceptable way a heterosexual man would  express admiration for another heterosexual man and all.

To everyone who takes the occasional moment to read my slice of the interweb, I have crushes on all of you.  Well not you, Janice from California, but definitely the rest of you.


10 Responses to Happy Crush Day

  1. SingleGirl says:

    I have filed your first crush under “Hell, yeah, that’s where I got my diploma from.”

    That’s a really cool deal, though I was amazed by the apoplectic reactions of some people. I mean come on, wake up and smell the inclusion… smells like bacon.

  2. brookem says:

    aww. i kind of have a bloggy crush on you too, RR.
    hold me.

    I hope you felt the virtual hug I sent up the pike and headed straight for you..

  3. Back attcha babe!

    If you start singing Sonny & Cher, I’m outta here.

  4. laloca says:

    because i’m a total wuss when it comes to expressing these things publicly, i’m going to ask for your brief indulgence to admit this in your comments rather than on my own blog: i have a blog crush on trixie trixter, who through her writing appears to be everything i wanted to be when i was an Angry Young Woman, and so many things i’m glad i’m not today.

    and of course, i do have a blog crush on you, RR.

    as long as you told someone, it still counts.

  5. Lisa says:

    Of course I have a crush on you!

    a thoroughly mutual feeling… and just in case your very large husband is reading this, of course I mean that in a literary and totally friendly way.

  6. Dara says:

    I think I have a girl crush on Rachel Maddow. In a total non-sexual “I just want to be like her” kind of way.

    And, for the record, I had a great restaurant week meal (with wine pairings) at Equinox.

    Rachel Maddow has the kind of wit and intellect that would make George Carlin jealous.

  7. KassyK says:

    I love crushes…I started my Monthly Girl Crushes in November and they have given me an opportunity to openly announce my crushes on certain actors/singers/writers.

    I am all for crushing.

    A splendid idea indeed – there is something magical about the purity of The Crush.

  8. LiLu says:

    Okay, I hereby propose a blogger outing in which we all go see Ms. Mason perform!

    And of course I crush on you, my darling.

    Hells bells yes, I have sent an email to Queen Reann and hope to have schedule of dates soon.

  9. Kristin says:

    I am always happiest when I’ve got a crush or two squeezing my insides and making life all topsy turvy.

    It is truly a beautiful thing.

  10. Iron Fist says:

    See, now you have to tell us about Janice.

    I am going to keep that story quiet for now… though I can be bribed with booze.

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