Can You Spare Some Change?

My coffee shop is a comfortable blend of working tables, deep chairs, a couch or two, and a lovely patio for nice weather caffeination.  The mix of people is similarly comfortable with students working in iPoded bliss along side self employed professionals, the unemployed looking for jobs, commuters who need a fix, office types who just want to be more comfortable for a spell, and a minimum number of parents with their hellaciously loud and annoying spawn.  I normally try to sit as far away from the hollering three footers as possible.

Tonight, however, a young mother and her curly haired and dimpled daughter sat perpendicular to me.  Besides my acknowledging smile* when they initially sat down, I didn’t pay them mind.  Peripherally I saw the little girl coloring or whatever it is sub two year olds do with crayons while mom sipped tea.  Then the little girl stood on her chair and started pointing at me and doing a modified I-have-to-go-potty dance.  For a few seconds, I wondered what the hell had her attention – she’s too young to notice something stuck in my teeth; I’m sitting down so she couldn’t see if my fly was undone.  What has possessed this child?

She climbed from her chair and did the barely steady walk of little humans over to my table.  She touched the sticker on the back of my laptop.


obama-hope-sticker1“Obama” she began to chant.  “Obama, Obama, I like Obama” she said. 

Not even a Kenny G serenade could have stopped the mile wide smile from spreading cross my face.  That’s a little more change I can believe.


13 Responses to Can You Spare Some Change?

  1. SingleGirl says:

    The worst seat in a coffeehouse for me is either the one closest to the door so I get chilled each time it opens or the one closest to a rug rat. I’m glad your seat ended up with a happy ending.

  2. Fearless says:

    Love the title. You wouldn’t know this from your southern viewpoint, but everyone up here is pretty damn excited.

  3. LiLu says:

    Seriously. We should throw a party or something to celebrate. OH WAIT…

  4. Lisa says:

    Cute cute cute!

  5. ella says:

    i go to the coffee shop to escape the small (-ish) children in my home! i’d probably take mine to go and sit in the car while i drink it just to be alone.

  6. Vittoria says:

    Amazing. I had two experiences that this reminds me of:

    1. I (an enormous Harry Potteraholic) was in England, in an *English* bookstore (as opposed to Italian) and this tiny cherubic little girl walks in and says “HARRY POTTAH!” Not Obama, certainly, but it warmed my heart to see a little girl so excited about a book.

    2. I was canvassing for Obama in Arlington and walking down a McCain street – signs everywhere. I only had 2 houses, but still, I wished I only had, you know, none because I really hated getting bitched out by ignorant people. I rapidly walked down the street in full Obama regalia – “Got Hope” shirt, buttons galore, and as I rounded a corner I hit a little suburban gathering – 2 parents, their four kids (not all part of the same family). I eyed them warily – were these McCainiacs as well? But I had to persevere. I got closer and barely hesitated, then smiled and said, may I ask if you’re voting for Obama? The parents did not smile back, but the youngest child – a baby in her mother’s arms – started saying a baby version of “Obama”. Oooooba! Ma! Ooooooooba!!! Ma!!! The tension broken by a 1 year old, I quickly learned that they were, in fact, voting for Obama. “For the kids” the woman said. The man nodded towards the baby. “For all the kids.”

  7. brookem says:

    invite her to your little gala!

  8. Kinda gives you a little hope for the future, doesn’t it?

  9. […] 19, 2009 by KPD I love this post from Restaurant Refugee! Nothing’s better than a little kid’s […]

  10. kathleen says:

    gotta love other peoples’ kids. they’re precious.

  11. Sara says:

    Only 16.5 years until she can vote!

  12. In Canada we were a little teary eyed yesterday, I can’t even imagine the relief and the faintest whiff of hope after so long that you guys feel. I hated you all 4 years ago with Bush part 2- the stupid years- but after voting in Obama, Canada is willing to be your friend again.

    Welcome and thanks for commenting.

    It is a good thing we are all friends again. I’m just glad Dick Cheney* didn’t invade.

    * Yes, I am being a bit hard on our former Vice President today.

  13. Maxie says:

    How freakin cool is that.

    On rare occasions, little humans can make me happy.

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