I Got Five on it Friday – Volume VI


First things first, I, Poppa freaks all the… wait that’s not what I meant to say.  First things first, Katertot, LiLu and I would still really like the pleasure of your company at the Bloggerational Ball – it’s free, no excuses (and you know that there is some dress/tuxedo/suit in your closet that is feeling unloved and begging to be taken for a night on the town.)  Email BloggerationBall@gmail.com to RSVP. 


It has been a while since I have had a Five on it Friday, perhaps because I recently discovered Amy, who writes If I had to Pick Five and consistently employs the Five concept with greater aplomb than me.  Anywho, time for another…


Five violations of etiquette that will make me want to lash you with a chain of paperclips

  1. Initiating a conversation on speaker-phone
  2. Being late without calling
  3. Failing to say thank you for courtesies extended, both common and uncommon
  4. Being so self-important that you think it remotely acceptable to park in a travel lane during rush hour
  5. Needlessly correcting someone in public


Five favorite renditions of patriotic songs – thanks Vittoria for the inspiration

  1. Marvin Gaye’s National Anthem
  2. Ray Charles’ America
  3. Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World (patriotic in my mind at least)
  4. Jimi Hendricks’ National Anthem
  5. We are the World (cheesy and dated, but still makes my chest puff and no need for a link)


Five Favorite Sentimental Things I Will Never Discard

  1. The band from the cigar I smoked after leaving the courtroom for the final dissolution of my marriage
  2. The cork from the champagne I drank the night President Elect Barack Obama accepted the Democratic Party nomination
  3. The first thank you note I received from a guest at a restaurant
  4. The bottle of wine Mrs. C brought to the restaurant because we took Mr. C dinner every night while he was sick and she had to be away* – we didn’t do delivery but if you knew the C’s you’d understand why this was our honor and pleasure
  5. The menu that Charlie Trotter signed for me after my first dinner at his restaurant


Five Favorite Misconceptions about Me (from this blog or not)

  1. I eat fois gras and caviar every night
  2. I don’t like any bar where the drinks don’t come in a crystal cocktail glass rimmed** in platinum flake
  3. I hate all republicans
  4. I won’t drink inexpensive wine
  5. I take myself seriously


Five Favorite Sports Related Phrases/Sayings/Quotes

  1. A tie is like kissing your sister
  2. Reporter: Do you think you all have a shot against X Team; Coach: Of course we have a shot; we’re the only ones playing them
  3. Lou Holtz giving his pre-game speech to his Notre Dame football team right before playing Jimmy Johnson’s University of Miami Hurricanes: “They don’t like us and we don’t like them.  It’s going to be a battle out there – they’re going to hit us and we’re gonna hit em’ right back.  Blow for blow, never back down.  We’re gonna go out there and whip their asses in their own backyard; but do me a favor……… leave Jimmy Johnson to me.
  4. Reporter: Are you going to pitch Johnson in the opener? Baseball Manager: Johnson, are you kidding?  He’s so banged up right now, I wouldn’t trust him to throw a fight.
  5. I’m tired of hearing about money, money, money, money, money. I just want to play the game, drink Pepsi, wear Reebok – Shaquille O’Neal


Five Stories in the News I Don’t Think are Getting Enough Airplay

  1. Potential NFL first round draft pick opts for Rhodes Scholar – NFL can wait
  2. Outgoing President George W. Bush’s Justice Department violated numerous laws, and departmental policies in hiring
  3. Virginia Man uses millions of dollars of his own money to host an Inaugural Ball with free tickets to disadvantaged Americans – and he’s providing attire, hair stylists, bells and the whistles too
  4. Rachael Maddow – nuff’ said.
  5. Time for reader participation – you tell me what story should be the last on this list.


 * buy me a drink and I will tell you the whole story

** I know that 62.5% of you giggled at the word rimmed


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14 Responses to I Got Five on it Friday – Volume VI

  1. Fearless says:

    Reader participation, hmm?

    Perhaps you might be interested to know that one of the last things that Bush did in office was to invade Canada (aka the big grey blob on the top of the weather map):


    I am surprised that it took Bush, Cheney, et al this long.

  2. Sara says:

    Considering this was on NPR yesterday, it probably does not qualify for not getting enough air play. But I am a little appalled people are only talking about it freely now. Apparently even Big Bad Cheney is looking less scary as we count down to the 20th. If only people were willing to question authority when the authority was actually in power.


    That Democrats have allowed people like Cheney to usurp and dominate the national defense and patriotism discussion for this long makes me wonder where the Left has put their stones for safe keeping.

  3. f.B says:

    Circuits may be too busy to allow cell phones to operate normally on Tuesday. And at a time where everyone is moving toward status updates and micro-blogging and instant transmission of photos via cell, it seems the most striking symbol of the changing of the times is going to be ahead of our technology. So, the people getting the story out the fastest will probably be more traditional journalists, with professional equipment and notepads, as all of our new toys blink slowly.


    This is a great story and I had heard nothing about it – this is a real safety issue for families. It should also serve as a reminder to everyone headed down there that you need to coordinate a contingency plan with your crew, and a contingency that doesn’t involve the use of cell phones too.

  4. Lisa says:

    I absolutely did not giggle. I take rimming very seriously. And completely unrelated, Rachel Maddow is all kinds of awesome.

    It’s one thing when you make me snarf my wine (yeah, I’m drinking wine at noon, don’t hate) when I am at your place, but give me some warning here. Let me know I need to put down my glass.

  5. Lemmonex says:

    I cannot stand tardiness. I have written people off over it.

    It is a lack of respect for the time and by extension the existence of another – there are a lot worse reasons to cast some aside.

  6. Kevin says:

    Favorite version of the National Anthem: 1993 All-Star Game when James Earl Jones recited it as a poem with the Harlem Boys Choir singing harmony to back him up.

    I’m curious, on Canadian weather maps, is the U.S. just a little gray blob to the south?

    I have a vague recollection of Mr. Jones and the HBC’s rendition. I just looked for video of it and came up empty.

  7. lacochran says:

    Rimmed. *giggle*

    I am glad that you are adult enough to acknowledge your inner-adolescent. Everyone else is lying to themselves.

  8. laloca says:

    underreported news: the european nuclear waste dumping and fish poaching off the coast of somalia, which some argue prompted the rise in somalia’s piracy on the high seas.

  9. Fearless says:

    According to the Canadian weather network…Canada is an ISLAND!


    That, and it will feel like -20 to -30C here until I leave for DC. *sigh*

    Sorry RR, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

  10. Maxie says:

    There’s a guy I work with that always calls me on speaker phone– SO ANNOYING. Is it really that hard to pick up the phone?

  11. Vittoria says:

    just wanted to say that my struggle with the patriotism has come down to:

    1. star spangled banner
    2. yes we can
    3. the rising (springsteen
    4. we shall overcome
    5. we are the champions
    6. america the beautiful
    7. signed, sealed, delivered

    i would have put some children’s version of “my country tis of thee” in there, but i’m pretty sure my kindergarten class with miss dingee (her real name!) never recorded an album, and that’s really quite a shame.

    v. much looking forward to sunday!

  12. […] Volume VI – I suppose I could just correct it at this point, but this is more fun […]

  13. […] Volume VI – I suppose I could just correct it at this point, but this is more fun […]

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